[CRITICAL] Your Site Could Be Infected By This Virus!

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Threat of Trojan Virus
from 42338073@N07


I don’t want to alarm you but this message is
REALLY important!

Your online business could be the next victim of
this terrible virus.


If you’re in a hurry, please just go straight to:

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Recently my good friend, Jonathan Teng, got 3 of his web
servers infected by a terrible virus called ‘Gumblar’.

(I’m not sure if you already heard about it or may be
you’re one of the million victims out there but let me
tell you quickly what happened to Jonathan’s sites.)

In just 2 days, Gumblar spreads throughout his
3 web severs and infected 117 of his websites.

His entire web business was severely hit overnight!

He lost thousands of dollars in potential sales over
a 6 day period. Everyone browsing his sites using
Chrome and Firefox got an alert message saying:

“Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!”

And those who were using other browsers didn’t get
that message and got their PCs infected as well.

Though he incessantly argued with his web hosting
providers to help clean his sites, they didn’t
care much about it.

How bad was that?!

* He suddenly wasn’t making money at all from his sites.

* Years of hard work evaporated in a matter of days!

* His sites were blacklisted by Google and other
search engines.

* His sites were propagating the virus to other PCs.

* His credibility was suddenly at stake and he was
labelled a virus spreader!

That was one of the toughest nightmares he ever faced.

You can watch how frustrated he was when that happened
and ALSO how he managed to secure EVERYTHING back
for good:

>> John Yeo Special Order Link

This makes me realize how volatile our web
businesses are!

It could be making you a TON of money today, but in just
a blink of an eye, they could be completely wiped out the
next day!

* This can happen to ME and…

* This can happen to YOU as well! 🙁

I’m not wishing for this to happen to anyone of us


** Prevention is better than cure **

Taking precautionary measures to secure our web
businesses is a REAL MUST if you do not want all
our hard work gone into smoke!

So I urge you to watch how Jonathan managed to solve
this problem and how you can do the same for your online

Check it here:

>> John Yeo Special Order Link

To Your Success,


PS: I’m not sure how long he’ll keep this video
live but you’ll need to act fast and let him show
you a fool-proof automated way to safeguard your
online properties:

>> John Yeo Special Order Link


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