Why Learning Becomes Easier By Understanding Concepts of the Subject

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I’ve been running Learning Out Of The Box for a few years now.

My center is not just a regular Primary Math tuition center, it’s a Math coaching center here in Singapore. I found my niche many years ago. I didn’t want to just teach children to revise better or make them do thick booklets of questions over and over again.

I wanted to get down to the real issue – why children hated Math and how I could help them overcome it.

Because of this, my team and I introduced a concept that we teach to our primary school students.


It’s THE concept to follow if you want to solve any primary school Math problem sum.

In my years of teaching, I have noticed that the main reason some children don’t score better in PSLE exams is because they don’t have a proper proven process to help them solve Math problem sums.

Many children tell us that they are always very anxious before an examination paper.

It’s at this moment that a child’s mind goes into chaos. Their young minds forget what they had studied earlier.

What if instead of studying all the theories and concepts, they could just study one concept that could apply to all the problem sums?

This is why, at Learning Out Of The Box, we teach our students the 5-step simple KCNSU Mathematics technique right from the start of the coaching programme.

This is so powerful that it can be used to solve any problem sum – Yes, ANY!

The even more powerful thing is children can even remember it after many months just because we taught them a simple way to remember it. Some primary school students even remember it all the way to secondary school!

This concept has helped many other children to improve within a very short time.

When a child discovers they can solve them easily, most start to want to do a bit more. Some even show enjoyment while doing it.

Because it is no longer scary.

No more books being thrown onto the floor because they get their answer wrongs.

No more frustration.

A simple concept to help a child learn a subject better, and in turn, score better during examinations.

As adults, we can even apply the same to our work and other upskill learning.

Find a concept. Learn it. Test it. And stick to it.

Turn your dislike into a subject into a like at Learning Out of the Box.


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