Happy Father’s Day to Everyone!

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happy father
from ivanomak

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I want to take this opportunity to wish every Father a Happy Father’s Day!

I know everyone of you has this dream of making it big one day…so you can provide a better life for your family.

I know it is not easy, especially for those with family. The endless struggle one has to make ends meet, to pay the monthly bills, to think of how one can better care for our wives and children…

Spending time with your kids,allocating pocket of time to play with them, setting time to help with their school work, working hard in your job so that you can bring home money just for your family…

The list of things to do and worry about seem endless…and it just go on and on…

Personally I have yet to be a father…so I will not be able to understand how much burden you have to carry…

I have a father (but he passed away when I was just 14 due to lung cancer.)

Through his eyes, I can see alot of invisible load which he has to carry…and it is not easy…and it is not light either…

I never have the chance to ask him…but as I grow older, I feel I am beginning to understand how much load he has and you have…

Likewise for you, the loads on your shoulders are many…

How many and how heavy? I won’t know…only you yourself know…

The burden of any father is very heavy…likewise for yours…

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Send in your well wishes for Father’s day and you can submit them in the comment box below.

The well wishes can be
– for yourself,
– for your own father,
– for your husband (who is a father to your kids),
– for other fathers…

I will pick the winner after 3 days and will contact the winner through your email on how you get download your prize. =)


28 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day to Everyone!”

  1. Hubert Lee says

    Happy Father’s Day to all those father’s out there working hard in internet marketing to support their families. Good luck and have a great year!

  2. Curtis Claude says

    Thakns John for the very nice post…

    I want to wish my Father a very Happy Father’s day and wishing him good health…There are times some parts of his body is aching and it happens now and then…so I really feel that health is his number 1 priority now…

    Also wishing to all Fathers Happy Father’s Day!

  3. Mike says

    Hi John,

    I am at the opposite end of the spectrum as I have six children. I have often chosen to work and justified it by telling myself it was for my kids. I was wrong. There are thousands of moments in time that I would like to have back and make a different choice. Take the time and cherish the moments. I do not have any tragic story or great loss to share. I have six great kids that I will spend more time with just because I can and want to. Just some words of wisdom from a dad.

    Happy Fathers day to all,



  4. John Yeo says

    Thanks Hubert, Curtis and Mike…I really love your comments…wishing you 3 Happy Father’s day too…

    Keep the well wishes coming in! =)

  5. Terry says

    Fathers Day means different things to many people, not just happy memories.

    Personally, I yearn for my Fathers love as I cannot have it, as he died when I was only 14 years old.

    So, you see there are a lot of people out there who have an empty place in their heart today that can never be filled.

    I remembrance to everyone who’s Father has past away, just try to excel in life and make them proud of you!

  6. just starting out but thanks to john ,i will make it,happy father's day to all the men in the world says

    thanks john
    i am deeply thankful for all the help with which you gave me ,but once i understand it i will never forget.thanks for keeping at me to push forward, but since i am just a beginner i will try my utmost to succeed

  7. Winson Yeung says

    I want to wish my father a happy father day, but sadly I’m not able to call him now because they are currently in china while I’m in Singapore.

    I hope my revenue earn from internet marketing will help to lower their burden and bring a better life to them as well.

    Winson Yeung

  8. John Yeo says

    @Terry…yes, i can empathise with you..father’s day will make me miss my father too…

    @just starting out but thanks to john ,i will make it,happy father’s day to all the men in the world …

    thanks ..im just doing my best and thanks for your nice word…to your success!

    @Winson…wow..holiday! send him a sms to wish him this special day? :p

    Keep the well wishes coming in…

  9. hidman says

    Hey Johh, I am single, (and available, ladies!) Kidding! No, what i meant was, i ain’t a dad, so lets just wish all fathers a happy fathers day and wish everyone all the best in their endeavours. Thanks!

  10. Michael says

    I’m with Mike above, but with only 4 kids…26 to 3 1/2 years. Working to provide for your family means missing out on your family for most of us. My father worked as a laborer and then as a manager until he was disabled, unable to work any longer. He died 7 years ago from his disabilities. He put his heart and soul into work, so much he had little time for us growing up. He loved us but died providing for us. Internet marketing is so attractive to me because I can work building my business online at home, with my family, and strive to be the father I want to be.

    Happy Fathers Day

  11. Louis says

    I just wanted to let all the fathers who read this to remember also that their greatest teachers are their own children…

  12. Scott LaPlante says

    Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there!

    I hope you all have a great day!


  13. James Elliott says

    Thanks John I have been a father five times. 2 girls and a son with first wife. We lost him last Aug. Lung,liver and bone cancer. 39 years old. My second wife and I have two boys. The oldest boy has a boy that was 4 last Dec. and a girl that was 2 last Dec. The youngest boy has a son that was 4 last Feb. They live with us. The other two grandchildren are here more than they are at home so you could say they live with us also.

    My dad died 6 or 7 years ago and my mother died a year or two ago. My wife remembers these things better than I do. I heard that a sign you are getting old is you forget things. I’m not old (67) yet but I am working on it.

    That is why I am trying to get this Internet deal figured out.
    I have three grand kids that will need my help to go to collage and so Nanny cah quit her JOB and stay home and enjoy the grand kids before they grow up. She had to work while ours were young.
    with me gone on the truck a lot she had the kids,the house work and two jobs sometimes. after I lost the site in my right eye and couldn’t drive any longer it was two jobs all the time until she had the stroke about three years ago. I told her one job. I like having her around. 25 years Nov.13.

    Happy Father’s Day to all of the Fathers and to the ones that are not one yet you don’t know what you are missing.

  14. Alessandro Zamboni says

    Happy Father’s Day to all the worldwide Fathers : your children are the best value of your life !

    Goodbye by Alessandro

  15. Tom Cammack says

    John, Yes…Father’s Day means different things to different fathers. It reminds me to stop and think of my 4 wonderful grown children and how just yesterday it seems I was putting Christmas toys together for them although now, my youngest is 23yrs. old. Man how time flies…”Don’t blink” Happy Father’s Day!

  16. normz2 says

    I know of a family that does not have father. I was very happy to see a Big Brother fill in the void. Similarly, there are BIg Sisters. It makes me feel good to see such things.

  17. Catherine@practicalskillsforlivinginamagickalworld says

    I’ve been very fortunate in that I have a very kind,wise compassionate father who is still with me. Happy Father’s day,Dad.

  18. Karen says

    I wish a Happy Father’s Day to my Dad. This is my second Father’s Day without him. I miss him everyday. He was the best Dad that I could have had. He was loving and kind and good to everybody.

    Thank you for allowing me to write this.

  19. John Yeo says

    wow, thanks so much for the many well-wishes…

    keep your well wishes coming in…

    the contest is still going on and anyone stands a chance a win my “60 WSO Success Stories”!


  20. ‘Happy Father’s Day to Everyone!’ by John Yeo says

    […] Happy Father’s Day to Everyone! … […]

  21. ashok says

    Hi John,

    It is a good idea you came up with.

    I am a dad of two kids – a boy and a girl, both school going.

    I am thankful to God Almighty for giving me these two wonderful gifts.

    I am extremely fortunate to have born to my parents who are highly educated, gentle, caring, understanding and overall loving. They taught me the importance of observing the basic qualities to become a worthy human being. Honesty, Integrity, Ability to love and Willingness to share, and lead a life without being ‘ego-centric’ are the qualities they taught me.

    And now, when I try to cultivate these habits in my kids, I understand its importance and value more than ever. And especially in today’s world, bringing up one’s kids to be worthy citizens is not an easy task. And I believe that every father has a duty and role in this regard.

    Unless fathers are more caring and understanding, kids will be easily spoiled. By partaking in my kids learning, playing, outing etc, I always try my best to become one among them so that I am also in a position to understand them fully and learn from them. This approach has helped me become more close and intimate to them. And this in turn gave me a place in my kids heart as a true friend, guide and a master.

    I am thankful to my kids for giving me an opportunity to learn and improve my self in the role of a father and also thankful to my parents for making me what I am today.

    I am sure, that my kids too will one day say that they are proud to be their father’s children.!!

    I thank you for this wonderful thread.


  22. John Yeo says

    Thanks everyone who have submitted such lovely well wishes…my team and I will look through the submissions and announce the winner by end of this week… =)

    Thanks again!

  23. ashok says

    Hi John,

    Thank you for the awesome book ’60WSO Success Stories’. No doubt, you did great effort in coming out with this superb interviews.

    My happiness doubled when I realized that my prize is worthy more than its asking price!!

    I bought your previous two WSO’s and knowing your ability, I never expected anything less.! Keep up the good work.

    Thanks once again.


  24. John Yeo says
  25. Seo Pakistan says

    Happy father day to all, But my father dead last 2 years, how i tell him,very sad see this page really…….

  26. Liza Brown says

    A very touching article. I wish all the fathers had their father’s day all the year round. And also fewer stresses at their job.

  27. jeffery z. jefferson says

    Hi just figured i would let you know that i also had a problem with this blog appearing blank also. Must be gremlins in the system.

  28. managementjobs says

    A very touching article! I wish all the fathers had their father’s day all the year round!!! And also fewer stresses at their job.

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