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Newbie marketers as well as intermediate marketers like ourselves always face this problem – getting traffic.

Many others had spent countless hours creating very professionally looking websites or blogs, only to find themselves getting stuck at the end. Soon, they abandoned their hard work just because they fail to bring visitors to their blog and not realising how easy it is to get traffic.

They can save their sites from dying only if they know how.

This is why you see many dead sites or blogs out there! In fact, millions of them!

This is the bad news.

But there is good news – if you know the ways to bring visitors to the sites instantly, they can be saved.

And all it takes is a short while – and if you know the short cuts to getting targeted traffic.

Most failed because they do not know the short cuts. And you are not going to be like them because I am going to share with you the secrets.

1. Sending out emails from your email accounts

I am sure you will have some contacts in your email accounts – at least one. So what you can do is to include your blog website address in your email signature and you can easily set it up in the “Options” settings.

Here is a template you can use now:
– Visit my [[name of your blog]] and get tips on [[benefits]]
blog url here

For example,
Visit my Wedding Blog and get tips on how you can plan your wedding within your budget

2. Leveraging on other popular blogging platforms

I am sure you know about many popular free blogs platforms like or

This popular sites already have tons of traffic and you can sign up an account for free. So what you can do is set up your own blog and get their traffic too.

Most sites like this have step-by-step instructions on how you can go about doing it.

3. Submitting articles to directories

If you have an article, you can submit them to popular article directories. One of them is

Signing up is free and you need a few days for your article to be approved. Once approved, you will get some traffic to your blog.

Again, it is leveraging on popular sites.

These are just some of the basic strategies I used for generating traffic to my niche blogs.

And as you do more, it gets easier gradually.

To check how else I generate tons of targeted traffic, you can visit “Super Traffic Rush

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