Testimonials & Thank You Notes

Here are some of the unsolicited testimonials and thank you notes I have been receiving every time:

Hi John,

I would like to compliment how great your latest training was!

I was just trying something new to do daily just with blogging and blog flipping, which is my
main businesses.

You have explained to me all about offline marketing, and I must say that I have found an evergreen
and very profitable niche! Yes, because thinking of what you have said to me, I have decided to start
my business just in my city, where there are about 124 different shops.

Your ideas gets my brain working!

These are what I did:

I came out with the idea to create a brand new website for the shops for my city,
because no one has ever tried doing it. Or perhaps they might have failed miserably.

Your lessons are so comprehensive and easy to understand and after I have read and memorised your techniques, I started visiting every shop I can possibly find on my own.
I prepared my brochure, I registered a big website, and it gets my business going!

The outcome was that I have almost all the business owners registering with me and paying
me lots of money. All liked my idea and decided to join.
One signed up for my services for their current website. The possibilities are endless!

And so, in a month and half, I got up a lot of €80 payments for the shops that
decided to sign up for my package/

A fabulous experience, I got over $8000 in a month!

And in one year’s time, I will ask for their payment again!

But you know what is the best thing?

And now I can go to another city and duplicate this same strategy. In this way, I
can get a revenue for the rest of my life!

Thanks John, you are a great man, and your techniques always work!

See you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni
Italy, Milan


I have just sold 1 Blog for US$400…Thanks to John!”

Hi John, I am feeling really misty and at the same time, very happy at this moment.

I write to you because, thanks to you, I sold my second blog (the first on Flippa) for $400.

I want to thank you for always helping and coaching me.

The day I decided to buy your course, my life has been improved tremendously!

You changed my life for the better!

You have taught me each blogging method and strategy and I must say I find “blogging” the best job I have ever gotten.

It is a way to express my creativity, my mind and my artistic skill. Thank you!

And you guided me to choose the best tools while avoiding any possible known errors.

Now, two years after, I’ve 6 personal blogs active, 2 sold and 2 courses completed. You have helped me so much in setting up all these.

Your help was the best thing I found on the web, the most valued cash I spent for mentoring.

It’s from the heart that I can advice each one of you to get a mentoring by John.

You are a professional, one of the few that give your time. You are so genuine in sharing your knowledge, unlike other marketers I have know and some are well known in this niche.

For students considering to take up John’s coaching, Don’t think too much… You can lose your bright future if you didn’t sign up.

Alessandro Zamboni
Internet Marketer


Hi John

Just to let you know that I’ve made my first Clickbank sale and I’ve earned
a few dollars from both eBay and Adsense. It seems to be working.

I have now moved on to wordpress (I should have done it initially but I
wanted to make sure that the system worked I suppose)

I have already set up a opt-in subscribers list with Aweber and the list has
grown to over 200 mainly through my existing website.

Thanks once again

Gordon Ball
Bridlington – East Yorkshire


Hey John,

John you’re the best….thank you so much for pushing me about this.

John,You’re a good person and I know God will bless you more blessings.
I’m happy for you and continue to love your wife.

Thanks alot,


Hey, Warriors!

If this is the wrong place to post this, I apologize, but I think great Warriors need to be praised in public!

I have to take a minute and sing the praises of John.

I came here 7 weeks ago with 7 hobby blogs (that had made me zero money) and a list of 1800 moms (mostly WAHM’s) that had made me some money, but not a lot and not consistently.

I bought John’s blogging ecourse WSO on 9/20.

As part of the ecourse, John asks questions about our progress. In response, I asked him to take a look at an existing blog I had and if he could give me some ideas about monetizing it.

He had some fantastic ideas, and I kept saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

So now, after only a few days of emails back and forth and his ecourse, I have….

* ideas for over 20 topics for reports and ebooks – as suggested by my members.
* ideas for 4 ecourses of my own in my niche.
* an increase in my mailing list, comments and suggestions for future topics.

BUT, best of all, I offered my first ecourse to a select number of longtime members on my list (so they can give me feedback and I can make changes before I offer the ecourse to the general list) and have sold 10 of them! I am in profit! WOO HOOOOO!!!

I am so excited!!!!!



I just wanted to jump in and add to that. John is great and his products are awesome. I am always interrupting his job on Skype. I am reviewing his products now and no problem giving unsolicited testimonial to any of those.

from Takuya Hikichi


Hi John,

Things starting to get going now. I have transferred my blog to Hostgator
www.microstockconfidential.com. I am building a list which has almost 250
members. My earnings from adsense were $8 for March and I have sold two
ebooks through Clickbank. I think that I’m about on course for what I
expected. I also have 22 related articles published with

Gordon Ball


I agree that John is awesome. His products are excellent, but the best thing about him is that he’s an all-around nice, helpful guy.

from Angela V. Edwards


Great to see that so many people are thanking you, John.
It’s been a long time since I knew you in the forum.

Thanks for your helping hand and being such a great friend of mine.

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these days. And I have came across a lot of questions about blogging.

Questions like how to blog, how to earn money from blogging, etc are
common. Although that there are so many questions about blogging, my
answer to all the questions is only one, that is…

John Yeo’s Blogger’s Paycheck!

This is the only blogging material that you will ever need if you want to learn about
blogging and how to make a hell lot of money from blogging! John is going to teach
you from head until the toe!

Thanks to him that I have learned so much about blogging. He truly opened my eye
toward blogging and what I can achieve from it.

Again, thanks a lot John. Your Blogger’s Paycheck truly helped me a lot.

from Shawn Lim


Yes, John is a good dude and an expert at blogging. Not only that, he’s pretty good at teaching others how to be successful bloggers as well.

He is definetely an up and coming success story to watch.

from Ron Douglas


Hey guys. Keep your eyes on this Jhongren fellow. He’s posting up a storm
and with good quality posts too. He’s got a good head on his shoulder.

By my projections, he’ll surpass everybody on this forum in about 10 years, so
look out.

John…it’s great to have you with us.

Keep up the great work!

from Steven Wagenheim


I had noticed that his quality is right up the with his quantity. I have been very impressed with his incisive insights and opinions. Just goes to show that there is a massive wealth of experience and knowledge for all the members of this forum.

from Sean Donahoe


Hi John,

I have read your books and I have launched my blog for the past 2 weeks and made 2 sales!

from George Floyd


Thank you, John. I am sincere in saying I do like your style. You come across as very genuine, which is getting more rare!

from Brian Richards



Just a note to tell you that I am enjoying your emails, and your thoughts that you share. In the impersonal world of the web, I feel like you have personally connected with me, and that’s not easy to do. So thank you for that.

from Leo Vidal
Maryland, USA


Hi John,

I hope you and your’s are feeling fine. I have to say you sure do help me so much. The way you lay out the articles and explain how to go about getting the information makes it so easy to follow. I thank you for giving me the direction and plans to write an article. Before I was struggling to even get started and I would give up. I would look at other peoples articles, but I still would have problems with mine when I tried to go by the way theirs were written. Thanks again John, I appreciate your help more than I could ever express. I wish you and yours a great weekend and I will talk to you soon.

from John Rckyt


Your ebook is excellent!
from Roselle Fang


I rarely send feedbacks to anyone. But this time I just couldn’t stop myself 🙂 You realy have provided some great basic content on traffic generation which is great for newbies. The best thing about them they were short and to the point! Great work mate and Thanks a dozen 🙂

from Mehboob Meghani


You have helped me a great deal already and my blog looks much better. I will continue putting into
practise what you have taught me.

from Sandy Hallliday


That’s me (ArtisanProShop)! John, you’re blogging info is mind blowing! Wow!
Your ebook has got me all set up with my blog!

from DeWayne Strickland

Good Day John.
Just wanted to thank you for sending what probably seems
like just a simple little email, but it’s allowed me to finally have
the opportunity to monetize my blog.
I’m one of these guys that buys every program under the sun,
then never has time to learn how to use it.
I’ve had my WordPress blog up and running for nearly 6months
and until your email today, I had no idea how to put AdSense
capability into it.
Now, in the space of 5 minutes, I’m running ads thanks to you.
Cheers mate!

from Cameron Mackay
Freedom To Work From Home


Hey John – thanks for your advice and I had learn this priceless information.

from Chan Fook Yan

Hey John,

I’m Sold!

As a member of Clickbank for 6 or 7 months I feel your program is pure DYNAMITE!

from George


Hey John–

Just a quick note to thank you for the good information you are sharing.

I have not been able to study it all as quickly as I would like, but I will eventually
get through it all.

I did finally get a blog up; just prior to hearing about you and getting your
information, though, so I probably will discover all the mistakes I made this
first time around, the more I study your information!

from Marjorie Robertson


Hi John,

Thanks for always keeping in touch about this,I do appreciate much1

Maricel Mondejar


I am new to
it all but I do appreciate all the emails u send. I keep ur emails..i
have a lot to recap again so thank you for your help.

from T. H.


Hey John,

Thanks for the kind words. It’s easy to work hard when you give me clear directions as to what to do.

from Brandon Schmid


I have found your information very helpful so far and would respect your opinion.

from Colin Holmes


Thank you so very much for excellent service.
Linah Kumalo


Thanks John,

Your personal attention won you a customer.

Ed Eliesen


Hi John,

I have been watching your emails which have been inspiring. thank you.

Sarah A. Buchanan


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