Why Getting Technical Help Is Important

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from dorellana


I have received some emails from our subscribers that they find it hard to set up blogs, insert html codes, copy and paste the paypal payment processors, upload pictures and other technical issues.

If you face such similar technical issue too, you are not alone.

I remember when I first started off dabbling into internet, I too face alot of such challenges.

I do not know how to register for blogger.com or wordpress.

I do not know how to upload images.

I do not know how to align the pictures.

I do not know how to create an opt in box to capture emails.

I do not know how to hyperlink website addresses behind text.

I do not know the other 101 things which will take days for me to list them out.

If one of the above mentioned items sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. There are another 999 wannabe marketers who face the same hair-pulling situations too.

* * *

Let me share with you another bad news: more than 90% of those who hit the wall regarding technical issues give up.

It is an astounding number and it is very real. Only the remaining 10%
continue to persevere,
doing whatever it takes to overcome all these technical hurdles and make their websites work.

Imagine just taking just one more step and you will make money!

* * *

I know it is not easy to overcome all these difficulties. It takes alot of discipline to do it.

I remember one of the subscribers Alessandro who I am really impressed with.

He is pretty new to internet marketing a few months ago and now he has successfully sold some of his article marketing books.

Did he find it hard to get those websites and sales page up?

I am sure he did. But he moved on to make his dream possible. (Yes! He is already making money now.)

* * *

So my question for you is will you be like Alessandro and fulfil your dream of working from home?

So what I recommend to you is: do not be defeated by technical issues.

They can be solved..yes solved by a few ways.

One of them is to figure out yourself like how I did. I had in the past, spent more than 3 hours surfing the web just to solve a technical issue. And it was very draining and discouraging!

The other way is to get help from service providers who specifically help to solve technical issues like yours.

In simple words, leave it to the technical experts and save yourself from getting headaches.

It is again a personal choice. But giving up must not be your option.

Get technical help and move on. See you at the top!


10 Responses to “Why Getting Technical Help Is Important”

  1. augusto arnel says

    I am sorry john if I only have to make contact with you what I am doing right now is wondering from anywhere all over inernet to what ever site that offers a good chance for free but then I just think that I should have my own web site just to prove to my self that I have than it all by my self, but then I should also needs some professional help so thank you that you are always there to guide me I am trying to have a visa card or master card but I was also have a problem with my application I must have my tax no. but I don’t have and payroll attachement and still I don’t have so I cannot pay thru all of th said transaction all I think of is the ATM card or the automated teller machine or a debit card can it be possible but the robot persist on visa and master card so how in the world can I pay for it please advise.

  2. Roxie says

    First, I want to address Augusto, I don’t have credit cards, I do however, have two ATM/debit-credit cards, and a bank account. That is all you need to sign up at PayPal. I have been doing it this way for two years and have never had a problem. also – why not try free? Create a wordpress or blogger blog and get started. There were a few times I wanted to give up, but I can see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and I will never give up.
    Thanks for the article, John,


  3. John Yeo says

    Thanks Roxie for helping out. =)

    @Augusto – Yes a debit card works equally well…sign up at a local bank =)

  4. James Elliott says

    Thanks John for the information.

    Augusto the way to get a credit card is to go with a prepaid one. There are several you can get. I have a MIO Money card. It cost $9.95 to get the card the first time and to load the money on it and $4.95 to load after that. Go to miomoney.com and get the information.

    I have a bank account but they won’t give me an ATM/Debit card which is ok with me. MIO works great when I have the money to load onto it.

    John I am thinking that the blog is what I need to do. I have a lot of blog information to read after I get it all safed to the same folder so I don’t have to look through all the folders to find it. My filing system sucks.

    Look foward to more information from you.
    Have a great weekend,


  5. augusto arnel says

    well thank you roxie and james I tought I was all alone on this problem thank god that there are both of you to give me a powerful advise and that is what I am looking for aside from john who really not let me go ever since we have mailed its other thank’s john I was relive with my problem and this will make my weekend special I can rest my mind for a while so see you two at the top can I add you to be my special friend? thanks again I will be at the bank the first thing on monday to do the job =)

  6. mr Ron says

    Thanks John for the information.

  7. Shireen says

    Good Morning to you…hoping I will see you’s all later on…have a great weekend and don’t let the spook’s get ya..

  8. Sharl says

    I bought your Blogger’s Paycheck yesterday and just finish it today. Thanks John for the info and motivation. I just started niche blog network two months ago and I feel better when I blogging. Even though I haven’t got any penny from blogging yet but the journey as a life-long blogger’s will continue. 🙂

  9. Kevin Andreassend says

    love that photo for this article..all those knobs and switches to play with and turn. And the patch bay plugging in and out connecting this to that with all those leads ..great fun

  10. Mark Ward says

    Dear John: You sure are correct with the technical aspect. I’ve taken about 3
    hrs. to search out something. It is frustrating but I believe the END result
    will be worth it.
    Thank you

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