Product Marketing 101: Tip 1…Want to be a Super Affiliate With NO List?

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from pedrovidigal


I was talking to a friend on being super affiliates for
joint venture partners and I feel there are some
useful pointers even newbies can start applying
and aim towards being one of the best affiliates.

So starting from this week, based on my experience
of being a super affiliate, I will be providing
a series of blog posts, high value info so that
you can immediately start to create your own
product and make your product line.

And with your product, you can path your route
of being one of a super affiliate like me.

So are you ready?

Here goes…

1. Build your list from ZERO and UP.
A list is the most important aspect of a business.
I have learnt from an experienced internet marketer
that you can sell your business, but you can always
have your list to fall back on.
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