Are You Your Greatest Obstacle To Your Own Success?

from evaxebra

Are you your greatest obstacle to your own success?

I received an email from a friend this morning and it was really shocking and pretty unexpected.

In order to help him succeed in Internet Marketing, I have given him umpteen chances to create a product with me.

I am literally hand-holding him…

It was not easy for us to do the coordination and supporting him, helping him to keep to his schedule.

It is a relatively simple product to do and it just needs a certain level of commitment to do it consistently.
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Thank You From Shay


from Shay’s blog

Hey, Warriors!

If this is the wrong place to post this, I apologize, but I think great Warriors need to be praised in public!

I have to take a minute and sing the praises of John.

I came here 7 weeks ago with 7 hobby blogs (that had made me zero money) and a list of 1800 moms (mostly WAHM’s) that had made me some money, but not a lot and not consistently.

I bought John’s blogging ecourse WSO on 9/20.

As part of the ecourse, John asks questions about our progress. In response, I asked him to take a look at an existing blog I had and if he could give me some ideas about monetizing it.

He had some fantastic ideas, and I kept saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

So now, after only a few days of emails back and forth and his ecourse, I have….

* ideas for over 20 topics for reports and ebooks – as suggested by my members.
* ideas for 4 ecourses of my own in my niche.
* an increase in my mailing list, comments and suggestions for future topics.

BUT, best of all, I offered my first ecourse to a select number of longtime members on my list (so they can give me feedback and I can make changes before I offer the ecourse to the general list) and have sold 10 of them! I am in profit! WOO HOOOOO!!!

I am so excited!!!!!


It has been a while I have just launched my email course. I have received this generous testimonial from one of my students and friends, Shay.

I think alot of times someone becomes successful because of the actions she took everyday. In addition, the belief of success is very important too.

There is a saying “Fake it till you make it.

It is not easy to change our mindset overnight and entirely remove all our negativity and inner fear.

It will take some time. And if you continue to believe in yourself, I am sure you are going to be successful.

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