Present Like Steve Jobs

from jikeb

The most expensive internet marketing
product is a ticket to an Internet
Marketing conference or seminar where you
get to learn from very experienced
Internet marketers.

Internet marketers like Edmund Loh of PLR Gold
has sold his product in seminars too. (and
one day, I am going to be like him.)

Each ticket can be sold at a whopping
US$4997, depending on the scale of the seminar
and who the guest speakers are.

So, if you have followed my post on 21 product ideas for
your product creation, you should be training
right and upgrading your presentation skills now
so that you can be a more persuasive speaker
when you promote your high ticket IM product.

How well you can present and persuade shows how
high your sales conversion is!

I have always admired Steve Jobs and he is
a really convincing speaker.

Watch the video below to see what I mean.