Busy?? Remember To Smell The Roses

from ba7reneya_3asola

From now onwards, there is going to be major changes in how I manage my team.

I have received many questions from you and other marketers asking how on earth did I move so fast within a short span of one year.

Honestly, I owe it to my team. There is never one-man show. I have a team of 3 very dedicated team mates who stood with me all these times and we are always forging forward.

So next time when you are successful, remember your team or anyone who has supported you all along. =)

Being really busy for the past one year has been really overwhelming for us. In order to keep every team mate, including myself sane mentally and emotionally, I have decided to do a restructuring.

For your curiosity:

Question: Why have I come to this stage?
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