3 Principles I Learnt From My Mastermind Team

from kamoteus

On last Friday, I had met up with my mastermind team (as well as my business partners).

The intention of meeting up was to celebrate the success of my latest Blog membership site.

At the same time, based on the feedbacks given by our subscribers of BlogCashMentor, we are planning on how we can offer more value to them.

It was not easy to spend over 3 hours sitting in a Hong Kong cafeteria brainstorming on what we can do for the next 6 months or so.

So how can this post benefit you?

I want you to learn something from every of my post and here is how.
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Ranked #1 in Joint Venture Giveaway By Reed Floren & Alan Magliocca

As I have always shared with my coaching students, you have to follow these very important 3 factors to succeed online (or offline).

I am very happy that by following these 3 very important factors, my online business has soared to another level.

In a recent Joint Venture Giveaway By Reed Floren & Alan Magliocca, my team (under “John Yeo“) is ranked as Number 1 and we were really excited about it!

Congrats to the other winners such as #2 Scott Drake and #3 Socrates Socratous. =)

“Clap clap clap!

There are a total number of 169 Joint venture partners.

jv giveaway 08june09

List building has always been a very simple business strategy and it is a guarantee source of traffic for any new product launch or promotion as an affiliate or joint venture partner.

And this is how you can easily do it right now!

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