10,000 Subscribers! – List Building Tips


Hi, my list size has finally grown to over 10,000.

I took about 15 months to build it
and on average, my list grows at about
600 plus subscribers per month

Wow! That calls for a celebration!

If you want to be successful in any form of business,
you got to have your own customer base.

Look at these highly successful business.
1. The Body Shop has their customer base who they can keep in touch with.

2. Borders Book Shop is gathering the emails of their supporters

3. Amazon.com always has email broadcast to inform their buyers of latest bargains

4. Triump always sent email updates of the latest designs of women wears.

So how can you go about building a list?

Here are 5 simple steps:

1. First get an autoresponder

2. Get a webhost and a domain so that you can build your squeeze page

3. Create a free product so that people can opt in to get this freebie

– You can check out 21 Simple Product Ideas For Your Products

4. Build to a size of about 200 subscribers

5. Do cross promotion or ad swaps with other marketers in your niche