Turnkey Businesses & Why Should You Get It

from dan65


Many people asked me if I am to turn back time and to start my business from scratch, what will I do…

It is really tricky as I felt it has been a while…to restart my business sounds scary, isn’t it?

From this one year plus of being in internet marketing niche, I realise the most important asset I must have is my list of subscribers – meaning you.

You are the most important person to me.

If you want to be successful in your business, you must start building your list right now.

So how should you build your list?
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Awesome Software Ensures Your Messages Get Read!

from mademoiselle_m

A fair bit of marketing is done through email marketing nowadays. You know, making use of autoresponders to send emails to your subscribers. It seems like the easiest, most efficient thing to do right?

Problem is, myself like many other marketers before me found that loads of emails were landing up in the spam mail boxes, accidentally being marked as spam or having no one read them at all!

It was a frustrating situation and I had to keep telling my subscribers to check their mailboxes, especially the spam mail, to see where my follow up emails had landed.
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