She Sold Her 1st iPhone Blog For $357!

Congratulations! Irish, a student in my blog flipping coaching program has sold her first iPhone blog for US$357!

It was supposed to be a 5 days’ listing but she managed to sell it within 2 days.

I am really excited for her as she is well on her way to building a successful blog flipping home business.

Congratulations again!

She Sold Her 1st Blog For US$347


Today, one of my students flipped her First blog for US$347!

It is a 3 day’s listing and she sold it 8 hours before the listing ends.

And she took up my site flipping coaching for around 1 month.

I am really impressed with her and she is on her way to sell more blogs.

Congratulations, Fiona!

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Ask Campaign: All About Blog Flipping

from debbieliane

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It is weekend soon and I love weekends.

Weekend is a time you get to take a break away from your work and do things you enjoy such as spending time with your children and family or hanging out with friends and chit chatting.

As you know, I have success in blog flipping during the past few months and in June, we sold about 10 blogs at US$297 to $347 per blog.

As I was sharing all the various blog flipping posts sharing how do I sell the blogs and the tips to sell a blog at a high price, I did receive many emails from my valuable subscribers asking me various questions on blog selling/ flipping.

Thus, to benefit everyone else, I am marking this month, July as “Blog Flipping” month.

You get to ask me question on blog flipping. You can ask me any question and any number of questions.

This “Ask Campaign” will last for 7 days and I will compile your questions.

For the next 3 weeks or so, I will post content related to your questions.

Why am I doing this?
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3 Tips Which Sold This Blog For $347!

This is the blog which was just sold!

iPad Blog sold for US$347!


It is weekend soon again and here is another blog post on blog flipping. I am glad that many of my students are making some side income from flipping blogs.

For this group of students, they love setting up blogs and dislike the later stuff. Blog flipping saves them the hassle of generating traffic to the blog and trying really hard to make an affiliate sale and at the same time, it generates them a 4 figure monthly income just by selling at most 4 blogs.

Let me share with you the secrets how this blog was flipped 8 hours ago.

It was a 3 days’ listing and this new iPad blog is sold for US$347!

3 tips which make the auction successful.
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She Made Her 1st USD$50 from Blog Flipping!

Thank you email from JY


I want to congrats a fellow subscriber of mine. Her name is JY and just following the simple steps in my Blog Flipping Case study, JY made her first $50 by blog flipping.

I know $50 is not alot but it is a big deal because she is going to make 3 to 5 times more for her next blog.

And that is US$250!

And if she sells one blog a week, that is US$1000 one month for 4 days of work!

You need to start some where and JY is going to make more money! =)

So what is the magic key here?

Take action, action and action!

The steps are all here in my blog.

And if you can afford and would like me to hand hold you so you can be successful faster, you can check out my blog flipping coaching program.

[Blog Flipping Live Case Study] Site Sold for US$297 On Day 7!

Today for Aljiro, there was a breakthrough! And it’s only 7 days after setting up the blog and listing on Flippa!

Status of auction:
Within 24 hours…
31 views to 259 views,
and 2 bids increase of 7 Bids with a buy it now price of $297!

And you know that this site will be in the hands of a new owner after the auction!

On a personal note, I feel happy for Aljiro to have sold his first site successfully and he can certainly use the money to buy medicine for his sister’s treatment.

Thanks to the new owner with a very BIG heart!

So the lesson of the day is…to get more views, opt for the featured listing option in Flippa when you list your blog.

[Blog Flipping Live Case Study] Day 5 & 6

Day 5:
The previous listing ended without any winner.

Why? The price didn’t hit the reserve price Aljiro has set and Flippa will not release the site to the bidder.

Day 6:
So Aljiro made a major decision here.
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