Another Singaporean Sold His 1st Blog!

Congratulations to another Singaporean who has successfully sold his first blog online.

Here is what he says about our blog flipping bootcamp:

Yeah, I get my first site sold at Flippa at BIN price! Alessandro (John’s Italian partner) is giving very good support and help in my learning from building site to selling! The course is good but the support is even best! For anyone who is still hesitating, this is another proven results for you!

Alan, Singapore

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I was WRONG and a major DECISION

from ladyganesha

Since my baby girl was born, I’ve had a lot less time in front of the computer.
She has to be fed about 5 times a day. I was so tied up and waking up in the middle of the night to change her diapers that I made a decision in my business.

As most of you know, I’ve been hugely successful with blog flipping for quite a while and I had an equally successful coaching program for it.

All of my students have “graduated” and shown tremendous results(See it for yourself):

However when the last student graduated, I decided to cut myself some slack.
It was getting tiring for me to coach students and take care of my baby and my business at the same time.

I made a choice and stopped accepting coaching students and went ahead to close the program.

Soon, I realized I was wrong, DEAD WRONG.
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[Blog Flipping Answer Series] Part 2

from sweethobbes

Hi, I have hoped you enjoyed the 7 questions in part 1. Now I am going to cover more on blog flipping so you can start making big money really soon.

1. What are the most important aspects of blog flipping?

If you are flipping new blogs, the important aspects are the design of the blogs, bonuses you are giving plus the earning potential of the blogs.

For design of the blogs, you should get professionally designed theme such as woothemes or studiopress themes. By editing the images and the color codes of the stylesheets, you can magically create professionally-looking blogs.

For bonuses, always look for those which can add value to your customer. Some examples are unique articles, ebooks, paid plugins and so on. Remember, your buyer wants to make money with the newly-bought blog. So whatever you can provide which help me reach closer to his goal is always welcome.

For earning potentials of the blog, it should be able to make money with different monetisation methods such as adsense earnings, affiliate marketing, cost-per-action marketing, selling own products and so on. Again, the buyer wants to make money and the blog should be able to have some means to make money.

If you are selling mature blogs with traffic or earnings or both, you should be able to present proof of your traffic (or earnings).

For traffic, do present your google analytic reports and show what keywords your blog is ranking.

For earnings, do show your adsense earnings reports if it is an adsense blog or your Clickbank earnings printscreens if you are making money with selling affiliate products. Some sellers even do a video of them logging into thier adsense or Clickbank account so as to prove that their earnings are real.
These may seem daunting at first glance but I’ve developed systems and steps that are simple and easy to follow which has benefitted my students greatly.

2. How do you really know what niche to choose and what to avoid?
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Celebrating Our “12 Blogs Sold”!!!

Our Blog flipping business’ foundation is built with blogs – one at a time and today we celebrate the flipping of the 12th blog within the last 2 months…

In fact, anyone can do it and if you have your personal blog, you can create one or two more to sell for side income…

So when is the best time to start?

The best time is now and anyone, including you can easily do it….

Check out some of our success stories here:

Singaporean Successfully Sold Her 1st Blog Online!

She Sold Her 1st iPhone Blog For $357!

She Sold Her 1st Blog For US$347

He Gets Free Flippa Listings for a Year!

Flippa has given a BIG BONUS Prize for their 100,000th listing.

Congratulations to one of my students plus a really good friend from Italy!

Alessandro has won for him free Flippa listings for a year…which means he could have saved himself alot fo money for listing fees…and make lots more money!!! “wohoho!

Congratulations once again!

[Blog Flipping Answer Series] Part 1

from goutmoment


Thanks to the many question posted in my – Blog Flipping Ask Campaign. There are almost 90+ questions submitted!

I have categorized the questions into a few main parts and throughout these few days, I will answer these questions in separate blog posts so that it is not too overwhelming for you. Today we will be covering the basic questions and I hope to give you a good understanding of what blog flipping is about:

1. What is blog flipping about and how do you start?

Blog flipping is essentially the selling of blogs. In our case, we build these blogs with the intention to sell within a certain time frame. There are basically 2 types of blogs that we flip; brand new blogs and matured blogs.

Brand new blogs has an advantage of taking less time and effort to build but usually will command a lower price. Matured blogs on the other hand will take time to build traffic and income before flipping and thus command a MUCH HIGHER price.

Flipping brand new blogs is the preferred choice for beginners because it is much easier to do and faster to see results. In essence, what you do is only 2 steps: Build Blog > Sell.

To start blog flipping, there are some essential things that you would need:
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Singaporean Successfully Sold Her 1st Blog Online!

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