FREE Giveaway Contest: 5 FREE Newbie WorkBook

from astragony

Here are the 5 lucky winners!

1. Alessandro
2. Andrew
3. Brandon
4. Elaine
5. Wong

I will be contacting the winners and sending them their prizes!

Congrats again and everyone is a winner here because you took action!

Do leave a comment on how you feeling right now, as a Winner!
(In, everyone wins!)


It has been a fun week. Most of my JV partners are very generous to give me complimentary copies of their products.


Because they want you to succeed. And so do I.

I really hope the winners for all the contests really make full use of the prizes.

Read it, digest it, apply it!

Not everyone has the luxury of having it. So if you had been one of the winners, Congrats! And really make full use of the books.

And you have yet to be a winner, here is another chance for you.

My buddy Bryan Zimmerman is giving away 5 copies of his Newbie Workbook.

Bryan Zimmerman
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