Giveaway Contest: 3 FREE First Month Blog Membership

from carpeicthus

Hi all,

Thank you so much for participating in this contest.

The comments are excellent. I love them! =)

It has been tough choosing the 3 winners because the comments are very well written.

So… I have decided to choose 3 more…a total of 6 prizes!

The winners for this contest (with their blog topics) are:
1. Angela Bell – cooking recipes
2. Lloyd Noland – ocean sports activities
3. Joseph – integrated ascension
4. Barbara J Gathany – foreclosure
5. Sally Holmes – Child’s education through the fun way
6. Barbara Fischer – Natural/Alternative Health

I will be sending you an email with a link to sign up for your FREE first month blog membership.

Congrats again!

Do leave a comment below on how you feel as one of the winners!

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How have you been?

I have received some very positive feedbacks from some of you saying it is very important to model other people’s success. So I thank you for your emails. =)

To thank you, I am going to create another week of excitement just for you.

And it is time for another free giveaway. =)

I have been working really hard to create a Blog membership site and I am offering 3 FREE First Month Blog Membership.

Here are the details you need!
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