[Blog Flipping Live Case Study] Day 3

Day 3:
The number of views are increasing and so are the number of bids.

Click here for Listing url.

Here are the changes:
Number of views: 44 to 71
Bid: $1 to $60
Number of Bids: 1 to 3

Now, what Aljiro needs to do is to be alert and available when a new bid is being placed. The owner will need to manually approve the bid.
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[Blog Flipping Live Case Study] Day 0, 1 & 2

Today, I want to share with you a blog flipping case study.

What is blog flipping?
Blog flipping is simply creating a blog or website and selling it for a profit.

You can sell new site or established ones. And they can range from 147usd to over $90,000 depending on their earning history and potentials.

For example, you make a $200 profit from one blog and you manage to sell 8 in 4 weeks (2 blogs a week), you can make US$1600. And I am sure it is good enough to replace a basic pay from a normal job.

Anyone can easily make money from blog flipping and you can start making money within a day or two – Guaranteed as shown in this case study.

Yes! I did this case study to prove it – you can start making money in a few days’ time.

Today, this is a LIVE case study of my student who has started learning one to two days ago.

Here is his profile:
Student’s name: Aljiro
Country: Philippines, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Click here for Listing url.

We will be showing it LIVE and you can see what one of my students did.

Day 0: He signed up for my blog flipping program. Using Google keyword tool, he researched 10 profitable keywords and he bought a domain through me using godaddy.com

He is quite well-versed in using Adobe photoshop and he had the design of the wordpress themes edited within a day.

It is in fact quite simple. You need to know which image files to edit and once you have done that, you will have a completely new theme design.

So things to do:
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