5 Surefire Tips On Building Authority Online

from tropicaliving

Recently, I met my good friend Perry Lai on MSN chat and we did discuss about the topic on building authority. He will be doing a workshop soon and this post is for his subscribers and participants.


Hi, this post is about building your authority – from someone new to someone of authority.

It is not easy. There are many hurdles.

For me, back in 2006, I was a normal guy. (I am still is…:p)

I ventured into the world of make-money-online niche while everybody else was saying it was too saturated and it was impossible.

No one knows who John Yeo was. No one had ever heard of this name.

I knew these were true BUT I persisted on.

I guess I am the little fly which kept on flying while being swapped a few times.

Now, 4 years later, I managed to slice myself a piece of the big pie with my own list of subscribers (over 12,000!) and my own line of blogging products.

This is how I did it…this is my secret…
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