How to Build Relationship and Make Money on Twitter

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My name is Elvin Tiong. I am a part time internet marketer and my full time job is mechanical design engineer. I am not an expert in internet marketing field, but I manage to get over 10K of loyal Twitter followers and make sales from my tweets. I am happy to share my success story of using Twitter for marketing with John Yeo’s friends here and how you can make it also.

Elvin Tiong

Not many people know about me in this internet marketing field. However, I am confident to say that thousands of my Twitter followers know me now. I have successfully build my personality online using Twitter. Allow me show you my retweet ranking. This is one of the keys to success in Twitter marketing.

I use to check my tweets RT rank and I was ranked #5168 out of millions of Twitter users. It is an approximate 98.6 percentile of my tweets getting retweeted (updated on 18 Oct 2009). You may check today also at

If you are a famous internet marketer, you have your audience on Twitter, and you can make sales easily. However, if you are an ordinary joe like me, and want to turn yourself from nobody to somebody online, you’ll need to follow what I’m going to share with you here.

On Twitter, “retweet” or “RT” is very important to me, because:

1. I know that my followers are reading my tweets, and they are my true audience
2. I have my name spread widely and fast on Twitter
3. I know what are the information that my followers love from their RT
4. They want to be my true friends
5. They can become my future business partners
6. I know my followers who are not using fully-automated Twitter software
7. I know when they will appear online
8. I have a list of potential buyers in my hand now, although I don’t have suitable products for them yet
9. I am building relationship with my followers, this is the money
10. I can promote the products with information they love and make sales

Getting followers on Twitter is not difficult at all nowadays. However, building relationship with your Twitter followers is the key to success in Twitter marketing. 1,000 true audiences in your Twitter list can be better than 10K followers who do not listen to you. How to get more and more followers listening to you, build positive relationship with them, and gain trust from them before you can make sales are the questions that you need to ask yourself.

One of the ways to build relationship with your followers is to RETWEET (RT) for them and to attract them to retweet for you also. Before you try to make any sales on Twitter, you need to attract your followers to read your tweets. If you are providing value in your tweets, your followers may even try to find your tweets history in your profile. Giving useful information and tips for your followers, warm them up, before you sell. Mix your tweets with some product recommendation and you will be able to make sales. Do not promote link in every tweets!

Yes, this is the easiest and very effective way to build relationship with your twitter followers and you can start to implement this trick right now. Money is in your relationship with your Twitter followers.

You are welcomed to follow me on Twitter at Why follow me? Learn how to tweet from me J Search for other blog posts about Twitter in my blog at

Wish you all success on Twitter.

Sincerely from Elvin Tiong.

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2 Responses to “How to Build Relationship and Make Money on Twitter”

  1. John Burton says

    Good post. Twitter has been the target of my efforts over the last three months or so with some fantastic results. I’ve made over 10,000 dollars from scratch in Twitter and am currently writing an ebook detailing my success step-by-step.

  2. John Yeo says

    Fantastic John…let me know if you are open to an email interview which will be featured in my blog. =)

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