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from nmangelo22

Hi, on average I have receive about 15 emails every 2 days asking for technical help. (This week I have already received over 60 emails!)

From the tone of most emails, I have a sense that technical challenge can be very daunting for most of us, including myself. And you are not alone. =)

Honestly, I have been through this learning phase too and it can be quite scary especially when we feel clueless and helpless on how to proceed.

It can be related to installing of codes, files transferring, uploading of blog plugins and so on.

If you find these daunting, check out the list of things below that involved technical knowledge to a certain extent:

* Adsense
* Auto Responder
* Blogger
* Bluehost
* cPanel
* Domain Name Registras
* eBay
* Forums
* GetResponse
* GoDaddy
* Hosting
* Name Cheap
* Namesecure
* Paypal
* Registration
* Vbulletin
* WordPress
* Zencart

Now, I have my technical team helping me and I have invested thousand of dollars just to have them to back me up.

Most will think that: I am not prepared to invest in a technical support staff right now. It is very costly. And moreover, I just need some help in this, this and that.

So what can you do?

OK, this post will show you how you can get help when you really feel you had enough and you want real help from real people.

Personally, I do recommend IM Tech Mastery.

How Your IM Tech Mastery Online Platform Looks Like


1. Personalised help
IM Tech Mastery provides personalised help to their customers with turnover time within a day or two. They keep their customers pool manageable so as to provide the best technical support to their customers.

2. Step-by-step Pictorial Manuals
They even provide customised manuals for you to download and keep so that in any case you need it in the future, you can just simply follow the step-by-step instructions in the manuals…(not forgetting the manuals do have print screens pictures and short sentences to make it easy to follow and understand.)

the steps start from the time you are logged into WordPress

another example of a step in inserting [MORE] icon

3. Individual topic
What I love about IM Tech Mastery is how they have lined their topics. Each manual just focuses on one topic. Yes, just ONE!

Why don’t they combine everything in a big dictionary-like ebook?

So that it is not overwhelming for you at all. Depending on what technical hurdle you hit, you can just simply choose the topic from the sidebar.

All individual topics at sidebar for you to choose from

So, this sums up for today’s product review for IM Tech Mastery.

Do not let technical problems stop you.

You have the power to make two choices:
1. One is to read up and solve it yourself
2. The 2nd recommended solution is to get help from IM Tech Mastery support and move on so you can continue to build your online business and start making money

In the meantime, if you have any question, just comment below and I will get back to you.

Get technical help and move on. See you at the top!


10 Responses to “Product Review: IM Tech Mastery”

  1. atul says

    Whichever link link i click on the above blog the following message appears

    Oops! This page appears to be missing.
    HTTP 404 – File not found.

  2. Peggy says

    Hey There:

    Once again “thanks” to you and your team for thinking about us poor non-geeky-techie types and that would be me. Glad to know there is a resource should I need it.

    This is just another example of the wonderful support you and your team provide.



  3. John Yeo says

    Hi Atul,

    Thanks..I have replied you..the links are working fine

    Thanks Peggy, go get this resource…it is worth it especially you can remove all your technical pain with support from such a professional team.


  4. atul says

    But when i click any of the links from my side i am keep seeing the error mentioned above

  5. John Yeo says

    Hi Atul,
    you may wan to try on a different pc. =)


  6. Mr. ULM Mahdi says

    Hi John How are you!

    Need much more knowledge about this pleasent field. One day I will be…


  7. Alessandro says

    I simply love IM Tech Mastery.
    I had the fortune to join it and appear as a simple way to learn the basic concepts an Internet Marketer needs to start correctly.

    I was personally interested in Vbulletin and ZenCart and I found all what I need to know to start.

    But only checking IM Tech Mastery you can realize how many topics are currently covered… I was astonished !

    Thanks John.

  8. Anil John says

    I tried to enroll in Adsense programme with my Email IDs.Each Id received rejection letters from Google.I have no idea why.Can you tell me how to get ADSENSE for my Blogs?Or what is wrong with my Blogs that google rejects them?

  9. John Yeo says

    Hi Anil, what is your blog url? and what is the reason Google give for rejecting your blog. =)


  10. Blak says

    Hey J, wat it do? This is Blak & the web/blogsite is I’m findin it diff 2 get my CORE FTP files where I need ’em. Help a bro out scout!!!!!!!

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