Observe & Model By Reading Success Stories

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If you want to be successful within the shortest shortest time, there is a fast track for you…

The fastest track is modeling other people’s success and applying what you have learnt by observing.


Modeling is very subjective.

We are always told to learn from others. In school, when we are poor in Maths say PSLE Maths, our teachers might have told us “go learn from someone who did well.

But the teachers might not have told us how-to exactly.

So how can modeling be done?

Modeling includes learning the key success factors of successful people and understanding the contributing motivational factors behind every successive action he takes.

Sounds confusing?

It is not that easy after all.

So what you can do to learn from successful people is to…

Meet them.

Talk to them.

Listen to them.

Learn from there.

At this time, listen to your own inner voice.

Part of you could be asking where can I find these people. (This is the voice if you are a self-motivated peson and action taker.)

Others could have asked…”it is not possible. I doubt that these successful people will talk to me.”

Stop it!

Stop the negative thought.

You can take action right now and…

go seek these successful people out…

They can be bloggers, forum senior members, website owners, product creators and so on.

Find where they linger and watch the content they revealed and learn from them.

The next step could be dropped them an email to ask specific question.

Sounds like a lot of things to do…???

What you can do more easily is to read up Success stories of Successful people who are Successful…

Find interviews already done by other people and get them.

Read the written interview. Listen to the audios. Watch the videos.

If you are committed to your own success, learning from the masters must be one of your strategies.

I have recently compiled 60 Success Stories of Internet Marketers who have made profits online.

Click here to find more about the 60 Success Stories you can read and learn from.

60 Success Stories


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