You Have What It Takes To Succeed!

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from varf


Today is 7th February 2010 and a month ago, we were celebrating the arrival of another decade.

How fast time flies and moves past us!

Likewise, do our new goals for 2010.

Interestingly, most of us might have forgotten the BIG dreams and goals we have set before we went for our new year countdown party. We swear by our dreams how closely we must work on our goals and forge forward, making the year 2010 a completely different and more wonderful year for you and me.

But while I was talking to some of the newbies, most have given up…
not on their dreams…
but on themselves.

Why is it so?

Excuses and negativity sneaked into our vulnerable mind, making us lose our focus and take us off the track.

Oh wait…not forgetting the many voices inside us, which keep on reminding us we do not deserve to be successful.

“You are stupid!
“You do not deserve this!
“Your mom says so…

Undeniably, losers loses and winners will win.

It is an inner war of constant battling against yourself…

It is a constant struggle inside you.

So why do some people succeed while others don’t?

Don’t they have problems or challenges?

Yes, I am sure they do. You know everyone does. I do have my own adversities too – I was a stutterer.

Anyway, it is not important who has the most adversities in life.

The important thing is what do you do with it.

The winners cast them aside and focus on what they can do.

They focus on their strengths.

So are you able to do something better than anyone else?

Share with me your strength. Just one. I am sure you have one.

Share with me in the comment box below. It makes a difference whether you submit a comment below.

P.S: Winners do write something and take actions. The choice is yours.


23 Responses to “You Have What It Takes To Succeed!”

  1. Simon says

    My greatest strength is my ability to lead a team of IT technicians and help them achieve their goals.

  2. John Yeo says

    Wow, sounds like you are a leader! 🙂

  3. Lori Vargo says

    good reminder to refocus on our goals:)
    I think my main strength is that I am a creative thinker. I have a talent of being very creative with the arts and crafts that I design. My main objective this year is to use those talents to finally start making money online. We are actually going to start advertising one of our homemade products on craigslist and see where it takes us.

  4. John Yeo says

    Wow, Lori…congrats! You are The Action Taker!

    All the best!

  5. Doug Barger says

    Winning post John!

    Really like this quote, “Losers lose and Winners win.”

    That about sums it up.

    We find a way to win.

    Because we’re winners!

    It’s who we are,

    our divine DNA

    and born again birthright, if you will,


    Those “voices” in your post

    which looks like it may be playing on ‘repeat mode’

    inside the minds of those who consider themselves losers,

    are akin to those mountains.

    You know, the ones that if you have faith

    the grain of a mustard seed,

    You can tell those mountains to move out

    and be cast into the sea, and it will do it!

    No wonder our faith is the victory

    that has overcome the world.

    The inner working substance

    which equips us to be greater

    than any task or challenge we encounter.


    Because we’re overcomers.

    “If we faint in the day of adversity,
    then our strength is small.”

    I also like what you said about
    everyone having adversities.

    Everyone all across the world
    are suffering at one time in their life
    or another and many worse than others.

    Rather than advertising our adversities,

    we can focus on finishing the race before us.

    The hope and faith to follow the joy
    set before us guides us home by peace.

    Working with you John and the rest of your team
    has been a tremendous
    blessing and priviledge for me.

    Great photo choice!

    That baby already has what it takes to succeed.

    We don’t have more on us than we can bear.

    No one will expect that baby to perform brain surgery

    at least for a couple of more decades.

    The little one is already provided and equipped
    for all they need.

    Inspiring post as usual Mr. Yeo.

    Thanks for all you do and have done.

    Regards to your better half
    and can’t wait to welcome the little one!


    PS. Imagine that, after that entire post, I didn’t even
    put what my strength was. LOL. (Still a winner though!)

    P.P.S. Okay, my strength is enduring at seeing
    the invisible. Hope you’re happy! (Now, to copy this in case it times out) Did I type that? Okay, just making sure you’re still awake.. Have a blessed one

  6. Jan says

    I beleive my greatest strength is tenaciousness. When the going gets tough I never give up unless it doesn’t fit my life anymore. I find the motivation to keep on until I have the success I have chosen to focus on.

  7. Terrance Charles says

    My greatest strength is probably my creativity and ability to learn things quickly and adapt them to what I’m doing. I like to think outside the box and be open to new things.

  8. Stan Pontiere says

    All the positive mindset, wishful thinking, goal setting means absolutely nothing unless you take action. Make it part of your daily routine to take at least one action step daily and over time you will build the business of your dreams and remember that massive action equals massive results.

  9. John Yeo says

    Looks like everyone has a strength and thanks for penning down one.

    It is amazing this post is read by over 400 subscribers in under 1 hour but there is only 5 comments. I really look forward to reading more when I wake up tomorrow. “time to sleep now… 🙂

  10. Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso says


    One man’s weakness is another strength.. The best skill to achieve is to learn how to build and manage teams.

    The greatest leaders (politicians, businessmen, etc…) were not so skilled in their fields, but they knew how to surround themselves with teams of highly skilled people and they knew how to motivate them towards a common goal and dream – and that ‘happened’ to be theirs…

    When we set goals, we should switch a bit from the inner self towards the outside world. Maybe that is the key to success?

    Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso

  11. Gerardine Baugh says

    I love this quote:
    “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t …you’re right.” Henry Ford

    You asked:
    “So why do some people succeed while others don’t?”

    Because they stop when some makes a negative comment, or things just don’t work out.

    Don’t stop!

    My strength- I am creative

  12. Eileen says

    That was a terrific and inpiring post. Certainly gets one thinking. I believe we all have strengths and weaknesses, we may not even recognize. For me, it’s important to keep the right mindset and stay focused.

    My successes are accompanied by a vision of the end result. I keep that picture in my mind with all the emotions that go with my success and invariably it works out the way I envisioned it.

    Thank you for that post. It just reinforces my faith in myself.

  13. John Yeo says

    Hi Steve, making goals starts from inside us…deciding to commit to them starts from inside us too…

    Hi Geraldine, why most fail? because they let the negativity inside them overthrow their goals

    Hi Eileen, i think vision is another important factor…if u can see the end in mind, you know where you are going….and make sure you go straight, which is the shortest route to your success – a straight line

  14. myrna says

    Hi John ,

    I should think that my attention to details ( I think that quality is in the details), my analytical mindset and perseverance are my strengths. I also like to learn new things and continue my self-education by reading and by changing my mindset for the better.

  15. Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso says


    I think both ways may work.
    I was not thinking at not starting with setting one’s goals for themselves…but rather at helping others set theirs too…

    Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso

  16. Dave Osmonson says

    Hey John,

    I just don’t quit! Some days are harder than others, Monday’s suck, but most days are good and those are the days I do get things done, sometimes I just wish it would happen sooner… Dave

  17. John Yeo says

    I agree Dave…we have our fair share of good and bad days… 🙂

  18. Les says

    … and sometimes it’s not wanting to disappoint others that have trust in you that paralyzes you. That’s just the opposite of what you need to do. Thanks, John, for inspiring action.

  19. David says

    Hi John, Like you, I was a VERY bad Stutterer but, I talked myself out of it he he he … I am, however, quite deaf and have only hearing (very bad) in one ear so, Video’s are of no use to me.

    I think I must also have learning difficulties as I just cannot seem to be able to ‘follow’ along with anything with any success so, e-books are out … er … what’s left er…… ? 🙁

    Positives? … what am I good at? …… This might seem silly but, the thing I am really good at is … wait for it …complaining … yer, that’s right. I know, not what you were looking for but, you’d be surprised how many people just don’t know HOW to complain properly and, get the results that they want. I can and do get the results and, I think that anyone who can do this with success can be of service to those who can’t or, are too SCARED to even try. Someone has to do it or, where would we all be?

    My saying … “If No-One Complains Then, Nothing Will Ever Get Better”

    Best Regards to all ….

  20. John Yeo says

    thanks David…i wld like to say “sorry about that” but when I take a step backward, there is nothing to be sorry about…

    in fact, i thank my own stutter to make me into who i am today – strong-minded and persistent!

  21. Lucy says

    Thank you-Just the kick in the pants I needed. My strength is I talk to almost anyone in the world and make them comfortable. I have lots of ideas but no idea how to make them happen (I guess that’s a strenght and a weakness).

  22. John says

    My strength is simple, no matter how tough things may seem or that what I am doing does not seem to work, I do not give up. I believe there is always a way to success. You just have to find the one that works for you. You will not find it if you do not keep trying.


    Good luck to all!!!!

  23. JWalker says

    Hi there!

    This is a great post and I can tell from reading it that as you grow both in your business and as a father your wisdom increases through the passing years.

    Now to your question. I believe my greatest strength through my journey on the world wide web has to be my ability to “give” without any hidden adjenda. I know all of us are here and do what we do on a daily basis to earn an income, but I believe if you give with out any expectations of receipt that which you put into the universe comes back to you two fold.

    With having said that, I read each email you send to me and I follow you daily. Thank you for your help and assistance.

    P.S. Adorable…just adorable, they grow quickly, enjoy each growth phase, before you know it…they will be handing you your first grandchild!


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