Winner’s Vs Loser’s Mindset: Which Is Yours?

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from eleinx


Today I want to talk about mindset because I feel your mindset pre-determined whether you will succeed or fail in whatever you do.

It is not the ebook you have buy. It is not about what you know. It is all in your mind.

In my coaching career, I have rubbed shoulders people who know alot and fail. I have also seen people who know little and succeed.

Let me share with you a story. I was providing a consultation to one of my students in my coaching program. Let’s give him a pseudo name for privacy reason. Let’s call him Harry.

Harry is really determined to succeed. He had seen and heard amazing results from people of how lucrative the online business is. He can’t wait to see his bank account grow.

But this is Harry during the first 2 weeks of coaching. Eventually, his fear of losing overwhelmed him. He was unable to motivate himself to move on further.

His darkest fear is himself.

The irony is that when my coaching slot is full, he had sent me 2 emails of about 500 words each, persuading me to accept him. I was moved by his “sincerity” then.

* * *

In the second case study, I want to tell you a story about another student of mine. Her name is Mary.

Mary is the typical 40 year old housewife who has heard about the wonders of Internet Marketing.

She has 4 children and she is always busy – busy taking care of her children, managing the house chores and cooking for the family.

She does not know about the technical know-how.
She does not have alot of time (she has 4 children to take care of)
She does not know alot of things (she has to slowly pick things up along the way)

But the difference in her is that she feels that everything is possible as long as she set aside 2 hours of her time, after her children sleep at night, to focus on building her blog. She does it consistently 3 times a week so that it does not make her too tired and she wants to spend more time with her family.

She works hard. She knows it is possible, only if she continue to persevere. It has been around 2 months I have coached her in my coaching program. She has made around $300 last month – considered alot for the few hours she had put in.

And if you have read about the over 20 interviews I have done, almost all successful Internet Marketers started out this way.

So hearing the stories, who do you want to be? Harry or Mary?

It is your choice.

I would love to hear from you and you can submit your comments below.


9 Responses to “Winner’s Vs Loser’s Mindset: Which Is Yours?”

  1. Mike says

    Hey John. My biggest problem is concentrating on something long enough. You know I have a file on my computer with over $15,000 worth of programs and systems and software and and and….. I work in sales and am definately results oriented and lose interest if things don’t start moving along. Anyway, I’m a Blog Cash mentor member and hope I can get things happening.
    Success breeds success.

  2. Leila says

    Hi John, this was interesting. It is lack of technical knowledge that holds me back. If someone said ‘do this (small thing) and this (small thing) and something happened on my screen I would be tempted to take my first step. Thanks.

  3. John Yeo says

    @Mike – wow $15k worth of IM products! what i can suggest is to set milestones and give yourself rewards when you have achieved them =)

  4. John Yeo says

    @Leila – what u can do is to know just enough to move forward. other than that, u can always get someone or pay someone else to do it for you

  5. Lisa Oliver says

    Hi there,

    I liked your post and agree that a positive mindset and a determination to STICK AT things that you start are important things to do to succeed. The ironic thing is that if I decide to make money as a freelance writer I quite literally have to sit at my computer and say (yes out loud) “I need to make some money” – and I do.

    But since I have started internet marketing I seem to have lost both that confidence and focus – I know I need them to succeed, but when you don’t have confidence in the program you are following then it is difficult to stick with the program or path you are taking.

    I would be interested in hearing more about how do people actually KNOW the process they are involved in will actually make them money – I am like one of your other comment makers – I have more than 1,000 different products on my hard drive – many of them I have tried but still the only money I make online is the amounts I make as a freelance writer – because I have confidence in one area is it possible that I can’t succeed in another?

    I welcome your thoughts on this

    Best wishes

  6. John Yeo says

    Hi Lisa,

    Being a freelance writer has other challenges such as quality of work, if your customers love your work and so on…

    most importantly, how do you brand yourself and how much you follow up with your customers….

    branding is another important aspect i teach in my coaching program…there are many writers out there….how unique are you and your work…


  7. Lleyton-Michael says

    that is really true. i totally agree. i tell my friend about how we live in such a lucky country filled and given more than just one choice and opportunity. mindset is a powerful because God has given us the freedom to do whatever we want and it is up to us of how we use it. thanks! 🙂

  8. John Yeo says

    Hi Michael,

    Our mind is the power we have =)


  9. Norene says

    Great post! I have been ‘dabbling’ in internet marketing for several years, but it wasn’t until recently when I made a shift in my mind that I actually WILL be successful that I began to BE successful. -Norene

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