What If You Are Still Stuck & Not Making Any Money? Read On…

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from v1nz

My dear reader,

Making money online is really hard. I admit.

But for those who have made their first dollar, it gets really easy and many of my subscribers can share the same sentiments.

The excitement of seeing the first dollar coming into your paypal account…the first time seeing this email “You have a payment.”

The world seemed to have stopped spinning for a while.

Is it possible for you?

I doubt so. But honestly speaking, does it really matter what I think.

I think what truly matters is what you think.

If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you are right as well.

How big the paycheck you are going to receive at the end of 2010 starts from your mind, your heart.

I had a really good friend who I know. He is like you, one of my subscribers.

His name is Brandon Schmid and this guy is really cool.

He is no super man but he has the mind of a winner.

He faces frustration, tormented by the many failures he has faced and now still faces.

He never gives up. I know, this may sound like a cliche.

Never give up, do whatever it takes…yadaa yadaa…

But these simple principles are precisely the same reasons why newbie marketers like Brandon Schmid is making waves into this Internet marketing arena.

I can guarantee you Brandon is going to rock the world in IM niche simply because he has the heart of a winner…he picks himself up whenever after he falls.

He is a superman in my opinion. He has the heart of the winner.

Honestly, I think now you may think Brandon is Brandon, you are you. Both are not the same.

Either way you are right. I am not going to argue with you.

Only you can argue with yourself what kind of lifestyle do you deserve.

I know deep inside you, you feel you deserve a better one. That is why you are reading this post, isn’t it.

There are simple methods which you can change so that you can get yourself unstuck and start making money.

The journey starts from your heart. You need self improvement materials such as how to be more focused, how to manage your stress and how to transform your life for the better.

You can get these materials for FREE at https://selfimprovementgifts4.com/go/36

Download them and make full use of them. And I can guarantee you that you are going to be as successful as Brandon.

Good luck!



9 Responses to “What If You Are Still Stuck & Not Making Any Money? Read On…”

  1. normz2 says

    I have found that my traffic has doubled over the last few months. Better times are ahead. The recession must be over!

  2. Nabreska says

    I had some set back on my blog and I urge people to ask their friends not to do what mine has done. They thought they helped me by clicking on the Google Ads and all they have done was to harm me with it. I didn’t ask them to do it, they just did it by themselfs.
    I have made some money from my blog, and this set back has break my spirit for a while. 2010 is a new begining for me and I’m forcing back, with or without Google Adsense. Thaks to to John

  3. John Yeo says

    thanks for the success stories….u deserve every bit of it!

  4. Rogelio says

    I don’t know how is thisgoing to be, but I am pretty much interested to have a know-how of this particular onlie business. But I am pretty much, Has no idea how to run this particular thing in the internet. OMG.. Am I required to pay for a certain amount? so that I can start working here? I am pretty much confused? Can somebody answer my query?

  5. Rogelio says

    That’s online business

  6. alwinjoe says

    John, that’s true..The story of Mr. Brandon is also fit my life nowadays..As of now am still struggling then of how to get those “dollars” from our Pay-pal (still zero)..Which in-fact am still on doubt but keep on reading then of your beautiful messages especially to the other subscribers or an on-line business friends…

  7. Richard says

    Hi John, inspiring tale to not give in. I must confess the many hours trying to make a buck is disheartening and cruel to a person. Not to worry even super affiliates openly admit not making a dime in their first year on the internet. If Ewan Chia struggled in the beginning who am I to complain. I listened to Jonny Andrews (Money Siphon System) interview with Ewan and no holds barred story of Ewan’s struggle. Enlightening material and highly recommended. Maybe you can ask Johnny for a copy for your readers.

  8. Kenney says

    Thanx John…I am hoping that 2010 will be a great year…the last 3 months of 2009 I made $12 adsense…I am hoping for an improvement…Will definitely check out your resource here…Thanx again…Kenney

  9. Chris says

    Hello John, I haven’t made any income and I spend hours each day
    online trying to optimize my blog testing this and that anything that will help in the long run but for whatever the reason I still haven’t made a dime.

    Most would have given up by now but I’m still here trying to make something happen but because I am deadset on generating an online income.

    failure is not an option…

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