Weekend Contest – Prize Worth US$997!

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from differentstrokes


All the comments are really good and it took
my team a few days to decide who we can choose.

Instead of choosing one, we have decided on two:
1. Brandon Schmid
2. ElvinTiong

Congratulations! I will be inviting both of you to
be with me behind the scenes of my next Major Launch.

It is a contest which has the potential to net 5 figures within a short span of a few days.

P.S: If you are interested to experience with me the excitement of JV contests…submit in the comment saying “I want to learn what a JV contest is about.

This contest is going to be very simple.

All you need to have is:
1. a Facebook account

What you need to do now is:
1. “Become a Fan” of my Facebook Fan Box.
2. Submit your comment below
3. All your online asset such as your blog urls, websites urls etc.
4. In a sentence or two, share with us one strength of yours and one failure
you had online and how did you overcome it.

4 things….very simple in fact and it takes you only less than 10 minutes…

What is in it for you?
I am seeking an apprentice who will help me to expand my business.

I will teach him everything he needs to know about building a successful online

There are tons of things to be done…and is not going to be easy.

At any time, our team feels this new apprentice does not perform up
to expectation, we will have to bid farewell to him/ her.

We cannot guarantee your success….only you can guarantee yours.

So…if you are serious in seeking a mentor to work along side with,
submit your entries in the comment below.

This prize is worth over US$997. (I charge over US$900 for one time off
consultation with my client) One of my partners who had been with me
for a while made over US$9000 within a few months.

But I can guarantee you the journey is not going to be easy…and it is
going to be filled with lots of challenges.

So if you are really serious in working really hard, this is what you can do…

What you need to do now is:
1. “Become a Fan” of my Facebook Fan Box.
2. Submit your comment below
3. All your online asset such as your blog urls, websites urls etc.
4. In a sentence or two, share with us one strength of yours and one failure you had online and how did you overcome it.

Contest ends on 9th October.


16 Responses to “Weekend Contest – Prize Worth US$997!”

  1. Freely says

    Hi John,
    I have just started online and have one online quotation site at 1000quotes.com and another blog at https://imfaqs.blogspot.com which focuses on the Internet Marketing FAqs I and other might have.

    One of my strength online is writing articles but O have problem diving traffic to them. What I did for my quotes website was to

    1) Post comments on related blog posts.
    2) Registered with widget box and have my blog website available as a widget for other people’s blog to drive traffic back.

    However, one of my recent online success was to sell stuff online in classified ad sites which netted me a return of 30% off my original investment.

  2. Nabreska says

    I never give up and I never say “I can’t” before I’ve done it. If I have set my head on something, I never quit but just force forward till I get it right, because if others could do it, so can I. This is what I’m doing with everything in my life.
    My biggest failure was with uVme – a game site. I’ve attend training for more than a year, 18 hours per day, because I wanted to make a success with it. But after launching, they didn’t met the creteria and everything fall flat. I had to face my downline with this and this wasn’t easy, because after that they didn’t believe in anything I’m telling them. This was hard, because I’ve built a good quality list and everything just vanshed infront of me. But I didn’t weep long. I’ve started to learn more and more about Internet Marketing and all the aspects of Internet Marketing, and I got my courage back. I’ve started a private goup called 50Musketeers (https://50musketeers.webs.com)where I’m teching people one-on-one about internet marketing and blogging. I still gather more information on my career as a internet marketer because I have a dream and my dream allows me to give up at any moment all that I am in order to receive all that I can become. Sense the invisible so I can do the impossible. Trusted God’s resources since the dream is bigger than all my abilities and acquantances. Continue when discouraged, for where there is no faith in the future, there is no power in the present. Attract winners, because big dreams draw big people. See my people and myself in the future. Our dream is the promise of what we shall one day be. Yes, I have a dream. It is greater than any of my gifts. It is as lare as the world, but it begins with one.

  3. Kerry says

    I started online approximately 2 yrs. ago. I wasn’t successful at all. I researched everything and anything. I came to the conclusion after attempting 5 different programs to forget about it, their all scams. Take my loses and move on. Well, 2 yrs. later, I am determined to figure this out for the future of my children as well as my sanity! I am so burned out on corporate america. I know there HAS to be something BETTER and more rewarding.

  4. ElvinTiong says

    Hi, John

    I really hope that I can become your partner. I’m willing to work hard as long as I can learn something. Please let me take the challenge.
    Right now, I’m just working as part time internet marketer. My actual job is a mechanical design engineer, a very challenging job also but I feel this job is no longer worthy because I can be fired anytime.

    My greatest mistake around half year ago is that I abandoned my list. I did not really know that money is in the list. And I felt difficult to write a good email to my list.
    Thanks for Twitter actually because Twitter solved my problem. I asked my subscribers to follow me on Twitter so they can always hear me and will not forget about me. Typing short messages on Twitter is really an easy job.

    Twitter marketing is my strength so far. I use Twitter to build relationship with other marketers. I earned some income from tweeting. I did not tweet a lot, but I know many people read my tweets because there are always people RT for me 😛 Many people focus on adding followers on Twitter but forget about building relationship with their followers on Twitter.

    I am not a techincal person in internet marketing field, and I am still learning hard to achieve greater success.

    I don’t really believe that internet marketing is that easy. So, I’m ready to take your challenge.


    Hello how are you doing.

    well now i have not be on a computer for that long only about two years now, when i first started out on the internet i found out that you can put lot of things out on the internet for people to have a look at it. so when i found this out I thought that this would be a good way to show some of my art work that i do from time to time , i did not know anything of what i was doing when i put my blog site together , i did not know anything about blogging and had never really head of it before, but i was determined to get this out on the intenet so i get on trying to put it togther , well it took me about 4 hard days of consent work of about three hours a day , well i got it done and put it out on the internet, at first i did not know that you could make money out of putting blogs but there is good money in it if you know what you are doing and how you put them together, well anywas i have not really had any bad happen yet all but one and that was getting scamed by the nigerians ,well all i can say is that you learn good and bad out there , but i hope that there is more good out there than bad,

    thank you and god bless you all
    have a wonderful day

    randall martin

  6. Lily Trainor says

    Well John, this is a nice surprise for me.

    As to my strength-As I go through my day ,I remember these words and remind myself that I am worthy of love, appreciation and thankfulness no matter where I AM, no matter what I’ve done, and no matter what anyone says or has done to ME.

    Failure-I have paid thousands of dollars for “so called” million dollar systems, and for what? Nothing but more broken dreams and empty promises. I have been given bad advice by people who just don´t know any better.

    I finally decided to look at my past mishaps as experience and now open up my mind to new things to come my way. I am now ready and my flood gates are open to new benefits.

    Looking forward to be assigned as your student.

    Kind Wishes,
    Lily Trainor

  7. John Yeo says

    Great comments! keep them coming!

  8. Don Brake says

    I would say my strength is a combination of intelligence and communication ability. Failure would be not knowing what is legit online from all the bogus rip-offs.

  9. NASE says

    hello how are you
    I would say my strength is a combination of intelligence and communication ability. Failure would be not knowing what is legit online from all the bogus rip-offs.Great comments! keep them coming!
    thank you and god bless you all
    have a wonderful day

  10. Brandon Schmid says

    Hey John,

    1 failure I had was writing a 28 page chapter (8000 words) for an ebook before I fully developed the concept. I found out later that a video series would be better.

    I believe that in business if you want to predict a person’s future then look at their past. I am speaking specifically about actions. My actions speak louder than my words:

    I have already built a successful vending business which has passed the 5-year mark.
    I have completed everything in your “bloggers cheatsheet”
    I have completed all the tasks in you ebook “bloggers paycheck”
    I have been working with you for months and have done everything you asked, including the product I am working on right now.
    Finally, I have done something that most people have not, I have built a team. Success in business requires leverage and I have people to help me leverage my time.



  11. John Yeo says

    Fantastic entries…keep them coming…contest ending in a few days!

  12. Janet Kwek says

    Hello John,

    I’m really very new to this. I just started Internet Marketing about 2 months ago and must admit that I’ve been joining so many programs that I got myself all confused. I’m done with that now.

    I’ve managed to pick up some important points and what I’ve learned is one must have the right mindset. Secondly, to stay focused in what one is doing. Another pointer to note would be to be honest and sincere to our subscribers.

    I don’t have a list yet, I’m currently working on it. Online marketing is a lot of hard work and one must persevere to achieve success. On top of that, I think one must also be coachable.

  13. John Yeo says

    Contest is ending in 1 day’s time…submit your entry now!

  14. SAMUEL says

    My strength is never giving up! i just keep on learning. Last year i had to take my real estate test and it took me six times to pass it!!

  15. John Yeo says

    Great entries…my team and I will spend these few days to evaluate the entries…have a good weekend guys!

  16. Virgilio Paulo C. Lopez Jr. says

    Hell John,
    Ive join Discount Home Shoppers last 2003 and it takes time to earn money because you have a lot of things to do. I earn in just a few years only and I join lot of ptc sites and I thought that they paid me and after i reached their payouts no payment I received at all like I join hellishdollars,massiveptr,depacco, buxptr and much more all of them are scams I wasted my for a long period of time and I didnt received a single penny on that site. So I tried this your paycheck blogger but the problem was I dont have money to join for a certain account so I need your assistance sir John maybe someday I will become successful on networking and I am happy to work with you thanks and God Bless!

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