The Power of A Simple One

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How often do we try to multitask and end up not doing a single thing well?

It is not easy to multitask, trying really hard to do every task well at the same time.

In the past, I used to do that and it could be really stressful since the day I started my internet marketing.

Trying hard to manage 5 projects within a single month, waking up early in the morning writing a 5 pages report while checking my emails at the same time…and expectedly, the quality of the report is not there.

Ever since I had been experiencing a certain tension in my chest, I stopped multi-tasking. I do one thing at a time and so should you.

I realise the benefit of doing one thing is that you can give your 100% attention on the presenting task.

And you can really do it very well when you put your heart and soul to it.

I know it is not simple to internalize this learnt habit as it took me sometime to learn that, especially when I could be really stubborn when come to taking advice. And I sometimes do many things at a time and you know that if you are following me on Twitter.

* * *

I know we are all here together on the side of the fence doing our best to create our better tomorrow. But when there is no health (or poor health), there is not going to be any tomorrow and I speak from a personal experience.

I had a friend who earned a 5 figure income per month and he worked really hard. One day, he didn’t wake up from his sleep and he is only 35 then.

In our journey of creating a better life for ourselves plus our families, we work really hard, and at most of the times, forgetting to take care of our health.

This is a BIG NO NO!

So what I want to say in this post is keep everything simple and you still can create your business development in a manner which can still achieve your goal by doing one thing at a time while keeping everything simple.

To Your success in your wealth PLUS health!

Share with me your thoughts after reading this post. I love to hear from you. =)


17 Responses to “The Power of A Simple One”

  1. Serene says

    Your post made me feel guilty…as a single mom who has been always multi-tasking, I realised I did not really take care of myself while making myself really busy…

    thanks John…I will bear this in mind…you take care too! 🙂

  2. How To Keep Your Greatest Wealth | John Yeo's Work @ Home Blog says

    […] the previous post, I shared abit on how I was experiencing chest tension for 2 weeks due to lots of multi-tasking, overwork and […]

  3. John Yeo says

    @Serene thanks for your concern…let me know if u need any help 🙂

  4. John Bandy says

    Hi John,
    Man I know what you are talking about. I am always trying to do it all at the same time and end up doing nothing. I get distracted too easy and I will leave one to tend to the other. I’m goinmg to make a daily plan and stick to it. Thanks John and I hope you have a great weekend.

    PS I like the pic with the pot!!!

  5. charles chan says

    Well, I should say multi-tasking is not easy, time consuming trying to do all at one go. Life is simple, therefore simple is the basic which we need in our daily life. Health is important so do what you can.

  6. AJ Farro says

    I multi-task so much that I go blank in the middle of doing something. Too much information in my head at once. Then I have to click on all the open windows on my computer to see if something’s there to remind me of what I was working on. It gets worse when I’m stressed.

    I recently started keeping Ideas and To Do lists to get the thoughts out of my mind and onto paper. That way I don’t need to jumble up my head trying to remember stuff. It helps a lot.

  7. Matt Mason says

    Hey John –

    This is pretty funny. I lost 20 pounds in the last 6 weeks using NutriSystems while I have been healing from knee surgery. That food sucks, but if you stick with it, it’s worth it and it works!

    I have been pretty successful in multitasking. I have a full time job, I consult full time (software engineering), and I run this very cool Santa Barbara Local News website:

    Please take a moment and check it out. I would be interested in your thoughts regarding what I could do to improve it.

    I actually like your blog – am subscribing now…

  8. Norman Macey says

    Hi John,

    You hit the nail on the head, my first two years of marketing were pare hell. At 76 years of age I now have a format given to me by Tiffany Dow, it’s a simple ten minute a day worksheet.

    Have a great weekend John, my respects to your family.


  9. ines says

    Hi John,

    many thanks for this. It clicked when you mentioned the chest pain… I’ve been having too much pressure and all sorts of resulting problems. The advice of my doctor, physiotherapist, friends etc. is ‘change your lifestyle’. I’m trying… and hope the blogging will help once I figure out how to start.

    Again thanks and all the best.

  10. Mary...List Magic says

    Hi John,
    Thanks for that picture!
    Eban Pagen had a really good interview on multitasking. The results show our efficiency & IQ actually plummet more than 20% during multitasking.
    The brain can only focus on one thing at a time & while some people may think doing 3 things in a day is multitasking, it is not. Multitasking is doing 3 things at the very same moment!
    Mums are usually the best/worse at this…cooking tea, bathing baby, washing clothes, sweeping floor etc…all while trying to get one main job done!
    Do try & set a schedule, one of the guru’s said (Yanik Silver) he sets a timer & does 2 hrs of concentrated work & then goes for a break for 15 mins, comes back etc.
    Try & have 1 or 2 full days break away from the computer so your own internal computers can refresh & renew.
    Eat nourishing foods, as while we are in this intense learning phase, we use immense amounts of energy & it needs to be replaced to keep us efficient.
    Get 7-8 hrs sleep most nights, go for walks of about 10,000 steps a day & ideas will come to you to keep you internally enthusiastic & motivated.
    That’s my agenda now, I used to do 16 hrs a day, 7 days a week at first, as it is so exciting, the online world…then I found my efficiency levels plummeted & it was taking me days to do a job of 2 hrs!
    Thanks for the timely reminder.

  11. normz2 says

    I like your comment KISS keep it simple.

  12. jagmohan says

    I have developed a fancy to see you mail, which are simple, practical and highly informative.

    jagmohan Chadha

  13. John Yeo says

    @John Thanks for your comment and have a good weekend too! =)

    @Charles Definitely health is #1 =)

    @AJ to do list will help us in keeping track of stuff

    @Matt with a clear goal we can make things work

    @Norman thanks alot for your blessing

    @ines yes, we need time to adjust to a healthier lifestyle =)

    @Mary Great tip for all of us to learn!

    @Normz2 @Jagmohan thanks alot for your comment..keeping things simple is my motto

  14. Ho says

    Hi John, a long time friend…
    Yep… it is indeed not a good feeling when we have to stress ourselves out to perform so many wonderful tasks on hand. It is ,in some ways, time and cost effective to do multitasking and it does give a sense of achievement upon completion. But like what you’ve said, doing one task or achieving one goal at a time – being simple and not greedy- for the sake of having a good health is a big MUST !

    I have some other thoughts for this post. Sometimes it is really hard to just do one thing at a time as things just pop up unexpectedly and many things we do usually involve other people. The thing I am trying to put across is we need to prioritise the things we do and do them with a positive mindset. And if things do not come out as planned, we shall not feel frustrated nor blame others over the matter. What’s important is what we have learnt through the matter and how much we know about ourselves…


  15. Stephanie says

    Hey John,

    Have you been looking over my shoulder lately or something? You’re absolutely right! I’ve been letting myself get distracted by the millions of other things instead of focusing on 1 or 2 things at a time. (As I write this I’m in the middle of several other tasks….)

    I love the pic that you posted – deja vu! =)

    Thanks for the great advice – keep it coming!

  16. Sudhakar says

    Yes John,

    Our well being lies in simplification of our acts. You have done it with few words and a Nice picture. Great

    Have a nice day.

  17. Julia@Blog posting software says

    Thanks for this post John

    I too am guilty of not taking care of myself in my busy lifestyle.

    As for multitasking… I’m a mum so it’s a continuous thing. You just can’t do one thing without being distracted by another. But I think I could improve that at least by scheduling tasks rather than simply keeping a mental list of them.

    Thank you 🙂

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