Rich! Who Wants To Be Rich?

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from joanot

Hi, I am delighted to have one of my buddies, Eric Louviere to talk about how to be successful in the internet marketing business. Now he is living in a million dollar house overlooking the georgeous hill country and Lake Austin. “Beautiful place.



This may be of absolute no surprise to you… and most likely this is NOT you… and most likely, will never be you… because you are here, you’re a Warrior, and you’re a go-getting action taker.

However, if this is you I’m referring to here, then consider it “tough-love” and understand that it very well could be the missing link you need to hear.

or read.

You see, I’m convinced now.

I’ve had thousands of customers and tons of students, and I’ve also paid close attention to many people here on this forum too. I’ve been around a little while now in this market and I’ve watched and learned and tried to figure out what makes people tick. What makes some succeed and most fail…

I’m convinced now that it is indeed a complicated web of barriers, learning curves, and emotions, etc that get in the way for most who strive to succeed online (scratch that, most don’t strive to do a damn thing). Most who exist in this market.

I’d have to say that there are MAJOR barriers for most people, and until they “fix” or overcome those barriers, I personally never see any of them ever succeeding at this, nor anything remotely resembling a real income online.

Here’s one of the big ones:


If we are talking about “most people out there” then this is a huge one IMO. Most out there never take initiative. They never put the responsibilities on their own shoulders. They never take the initiative to figure things out, take some method and roll with it, fill in the blanks as they go… or “just do it”.

It is the BIG separator. Those who succeed, figure it out. They just do it. They do not need every single detail covered, nor everything done for them. They dont need every question answered or every *unknown*, known.

They just figure it out along the way. They put the responsibilities on their own shoulders and they don’t blame everyone, everything out there under the sun. They blame themselves. They don’t say, “Damn Guru, I dont know what to do here in this method you showed me”.

Instead, they say, “I need to figure this part out”. Hence the keyword: “I”

It’s called “something for nothing“. Give me something, so I don’t have to do anything. In fact, aren’t you supposed to do this for me?? I mean, I paid $47. Make me rich already.

Hell, I remember buying a WSO for like ten bucks or something ridiculous, and inside the cheap report was a traffic method using image ads on Adwords. The report said, “there’s no quality score on image ads”.

WHOA! I never thought about that (then). That $10 turned into who-knows-how-much for me. One insight can make all the difference. But, instead here’s what people do in this market:

Buy:: refund :: buy something else:: refund that new thing:: buy something else again:: refund that new thing, and so on and on and on

Never fully ever getting good at a damn thing. Never fully taking initiative to move forward with any method they ever learn. Never focusing on anything, or getting good at anything. They become 10% good at everything, and 10% is not good enough to earn a real income.

Who’s fault is it? The answer should be YOURS.

And that’s why there are people in this market, who have been here for 5 years or more, and still make squat. It’s called initiative.

What are some other BARRIERS that get in the way for most people in this industry?? I’d love to hear of others.

Rock On,
Eric Louviere


Share with us your thought in the comment below. Eric and I love to hear from you.


4 Responses to “Rich! Who Wants To Be Rich?”

  1. I Can Do This Stuff In My Sleep Now | John Yeo's Work AT Home Blog - says

    […] Eric has recently left an interesting post on “Rich! Who Wants To Be Rich?” […]

  2. Brandon Schmid says

    I find it funny that nobody has responded to this post. I guess most people don’t want to hear it lol.

    One quote I always follow is “If its ment to be its up to me”

    I suppose for most people its easier to blame the book/cd/seminar then it is to look inside and blame themselves


  3. Doug says

    Great post. Really hits home for me. I liked the comment

    “They don’t say, “Damn Guru, I don’t know what to do here in this method you showed me”.

    Instead, they say, “I need to figure this part out”. Hence the keyword: “I””

    Initiative says it all. I’d like the tip on image ads. I’m going to take “initiative” and check it out.

    What does “WSO” stand mean?

    Thanks for the great blog post.

  4. John Yeo says

    Hi Doug and Brandon, both of you have responded well…it only means both of you are different and belong to the group who are going to succeed.

    never give up and continue to push on!

    @Doug, wso means warriors special forum at where you can get IM products at a discount

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