Niche Slicing & Building Your Empire

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from jpn

Today I want to share with you on how you should slice your way through the many niches out there.

Many could have wondered that there seemed to be so many experts out there and a new player couldn’t possibly make a name for himself within a really short time.

It is possible and I am going to show you how you can be an expert in your niche within a period of few months.

As for me, being a really new player in the Internet marketing niche, I have somewhat build a somewhat good reputation in the blogging niche.

Within a period of 6 months, my blogging guide Blogger’s Paycheck has been reviewed as the top leading blogging in a blogging product review.

blogging guide bloggers paycheck

When I first started off, there is alot of negativity from the people around me as they feel there is absolutely NO WAY that a small fry like me can carve my way through the blogging niche.

Even if I can, I could have bitten to death by the bigger players who had been in this blogging niche for a relatively longer time.

I guess the difference I made is I chose to be myself and have the “never-say-die” attitude.

* * *

What I meant by I chose to be myself?

My personal style is keeping things simple and direct. I myself have been a loyal customer of Internet maketing niche, buying and investing over US$10,000 worth of IM books, ebooks and courses within a short period of 6 months or less.

I know some of you could have even invested more than what I did.

From reading these materials, one thing I realised is that they are not simple enough for any newbie like me then to comprehend.

What I meant by simplicity means direct and straight to the point. Do this and you will get that.

Knowing this is not enough.

* * *

Application also plays a big part in my success as I chose to keep to the simple fact of making things simple, created my blogging guide, launched it and hope for the best.

Personally I feel among the mist of hype, many could have been lost in the confusion too. I know it is not easy to make sense of the overflow of info around you. I had been there and I know how frustrating it is.

What I want to say is that you are a unique individual who have your own strength and experience. I am sure you can somehow leverage on what you know and inject your personal style into your product or service you are providing.

No one else knows your customers as well as you do. So present in the manner which you feel is the best and just be yourself.

Be patient and I am sure you can slice your way through your niche and build your own empire.

Never say die! =)

Share with us your experience in starting out in your Internet marketing journey. We love to hear from you in the comments below.


19 Responses to “Niche Slicing & Building Your Empire”

  1. Benrick says

    Wow, what an inspiring story! Great advice too on how to carve out a name in online marketing.

    Good read!


  2. Angel says

    Thank you, John. I feel what you say is something which most of us miss out.

    There seemed to be so much info out there and yet I do not know where to start :_(

  3. jimsomchai says

    Hi John,

    Good post.

    I see what you mean. The application part is very important for everyone in IM.


    Jim Somchai,

  4. Carol Dodsley says

    Excellent blog and so so true – Thanks for confirming my own thoughts on just being yourself – something so many people find hard to do as so many are always so much more worried about trying to come across adn be the person they think others want them to be – I learnt that a few years ago and since i made my commitment and promise to myself to be ME and I realised that it didn’t matter if some people just didn’t “get” me or relate to me as the most important people to relate to and draw to me are the people that love me for exactly who I am and feel good working with me, I have been so successful, happy, inspired and motivated and able to really help others to become the person they really are too 🙂

  5. Urpo Salonen says

    Hey, thank you very much for your post. I hope can earn some money as affiliate and blogger.

  6. Sandra Fierling says

    Simple is best. You’ve hit the nail on the head. If it’s simple, you can also focus much better.

  7. SeeSaw says

    Thanks a lot John, inspired me a lot..

  8. Bruno Vigneault says

    Hi John,

    You are absolutely right, knowing is not enough. I am a newbie myself and I signed up to many newsletters hoping to find the right path towards success. It was getting me in too many opposite directions. At some point, I stopped listening to everybody and choosed a single path to focus on. I now ACT in a niche that have some potential, but most of all I like that niche and therefore it is easy for me to blog or write articles talking about a subject that is natural to me. That love transpires into my work. IM is not different that any other business.

    Thank you.

  9. John Yeo says

    Hi Bruno, choosing a single and simple path is the KEY…and you constantly build on One. Many are too overwhelmed with so much stuff that they did not start and they have NOTHING to build on.

    So start with ONE thing and build on it. =)

  10. Scott LaPlante says

    Hey John, you are doing just fine!
    Never let negativity get in the way, plow past it and you will always find a better path.

    I love your stuff, keep up the great work!


    I have learned quite a bit from your material.

  11. Christina says

    Hey John.
    Thanks for all your great content!!!!
    One problem, “My Blog Log html code”
    you supply to add to my blog:
    Newbies How to build your own blog,
    can not be copied for some reason.
    Right click does not work?
    Any suggestions on what to do.

  12. Alessandro says

    Thanks John, I really appreciate this post.
    I had the fortune to follow you in Coaching program and read all your contents in Blogger’s Paycheck.
    The situation you are describing is like my personal situation of about 2 month and half ago…

    I had many questions on which business to follow (and many money spent), and after some time I found my best blogging platform on which build my business.
    The key of success is just to focalize your efforts on an unique project leaving all the rest apart, in my case only about reviewing the latest released products and writing about it.

    And the results are just coming.
    Thanks again John, you deserve all merit !


  13. Ray says

    Great post John!
    At a time when I thought I’d not be able to make anything work in my business, I read a post like yours and it gives me a new perspective and outlook to keep moving past the negativity and self-doubt and to always stay positive!

    To your continued success!


  14. Misako says

    Wow, that was a truly inspirational post, John. Especially loved the part about application. Great work! 🙂

  15. John Yeo says

    Thanks Misako…we have to really apply what we learnt…otherwise it will just be another white elephant. =)

  16. normz2 says

    I like your comments: never say die and be yourself. Quite inspirational.

  17. John Yeo says

    @Normz2: thanks alot…u r what u believe in..have faith =)

  18. edwinseow says

    Thanks John for another great post. There’s so much to learn from you and thanks for being really sincere in wanting to help people to succeed in making money from blogging. Never say die 🙂

  19. John Yeo says

    @Edwin: thanks for your kind comments….our coaching and company motto is to do our best to help as long as others are willing to help themselves….you are one of the few who are committed to your own success! =)

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