My Journey: From Nobody To Who I Am Today

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from rashi4u


In this blog post, I will be talking about 2 things which are very dear to me.

#1: My personal journey while building my online business
#2: How you can get a chance to be where I am today.

* * *

It has been a wild ride for the past 1 years and 10 months. The journey of building my online business is full of ups and down. Nonetheless, it is one of the best life experiences I have.

No word can describe the feelings of being where I am today.

And at the same time, I had never forgotten the pains and stressful feelings I had been through while creating my business from scratch.

It had never been easy. Despite of the availability of resources on the internet, the hardest part is the self-discipline to still get things done despite the fact that everything seemed so blurry and hopeless.

It is a journey to find hope in the midst of the fog and mist.

So how did I push on till today?

While I had the experience of being a mild stutterer since young, I had never given up my hope of being more successful than my peers.

No kidding. Feeling anxious and not able to speak my mind while with my friends is not a pleasant experience at all. In fact, it was tormenting. I would have wanted to find a hole and burrow into it, away from the shame and embarrassment.

So how had building my online business helped me?

Beside having interviewed more than 8 marketers who is making more than $50,000 per month on a consistent level, it has made me believe that anyone, regardless of any degree of adversity he has gone through, can succeed.

Initially, it was not easy. I was a nobody and how would anyone who is a 5 figure earner respond to my interview request. I think it takes sincerity, commitment and a certain degree of good track records.

My online business was built from one brick at a time.

It started off with the success of my wedding planning blog, followed by my well-known Bloggers Paycheck, following by my Blogging Membership site –

As you can see, it was building an online asset one at a time…and in the process, my list of subscribers and supporters grew from 1000 to over 12,000 within a year.

If I can succeed within a short period of time…

So You Can Succeed Too!

Yes! The many Joint venture contests have shown that we are doing really well. You can check out the proof below. We have joined contests which many other IM gurus have joined too and we are always ranked in the top 10 (if not top 5).

goodtrackrecord1 copy

And this is how my PayPal account looks like most of the time… 🙂
“Ka ching…I just love seeing payment emails which comes in everyday.

goodtrackrecord2 copy

So how can you get a chance to be where I am today?

I get asked almost daily to do personal coaching, in most cases, I politely decline. However, about a month ago, we made a slight change in our business model – one that will allow me to do things like coaching and consulting.

I’m only taking on 2 more people though so, I wanted to get the
opportunity into your hands first – before I went outside of
our subscribers and friends and promoted the opportunity.

Personally, I believe in taking in very
committed students who are committed in
becoming really successful.

The price of the coaching is going to be
$697 one time payment
for the month and we will talk on skype for
the initial interview (I reserve the rights to
screen my students. If I find that you are not
ready, I will refund you the money in full.)

So this time, the enrollment is going to be different. If you are keen in taking up my coaching, you can email me at askjohnyeo @
with email subject: I want to join your coaching program.

After payment is made, you will receive a brief list of questions.
Please fill it out and email it back to me completed and I will be in contact within 24 hours to set up our first conversation.



6 Responses to “My Journey: From Nobody To Who I Am Today”

  1. Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso says

    Excellent motivational story, John…

    I do hope you will get many takers to choose from. It is very important that they should be very, very motivated.
    I was thinking to do the same thing myself, but as I seem to have lots of things to be finished yet, I was a bit shy on starting.

    I am afraid I will not have enough time for them, but maybe I should start with only a couple?

    BTW, how many students do you plan to start with?

    Anyway, keep me posted with your progress. I will maybe try to copy you soon… Thanks,

    Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso

  2. Alessandro Zamboni says

    Hi John.
    Thanks to you, from the latest year and half I’m building my Internet Marketing image.

    Thanks to your Blog Coaching, I started to make a blog, now PR3 full of daily visitors.
    Then we launched another successfull program, never released before, and for this reason I’m very happy.

    Knowing you in person was absolutely one of my best lucky points in IM.
    But I’m very happy you are consolidating your position !

    I hope to share the same success with you, in a next future (a lot forward).

    Thanks again John.
    Alessandro Zamboni

  3. Tom Harvey says


    Great to hear your story, congratulations on your successes thus far and also for those still to come.
    A great inspirational tale that just goes to show what you can achieve with dedication and hard work and I will be following in your footsteps!!

    All the best


  4. John Yeo says

    Thanks alot everyone….really touched to receive your blessings. 🙂

  5. SFaith says

    I’m so inspired by your story. I’m in the process of building a site and I’m really loving the experience. I can only hope to achieve the same degree of success with my site as you have with your blogs.

  6. Edward Han says

    I can see that you have a great potential in positive mindset that keeps you going. It is great way to success.

    How I wish I get to know your site earlier as I may have gained some insights and save alot of trouble going through the obstacles.

    Anyway, glad that I am here and reading through your past issues. You can really blog!

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