My DreamBoard For 2010

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my dreamboard 2010

My friend Edmund Loh had just done his dream board and he broadcasted a post
about it.

So, all shoot…suddenly I forgot I have yet done mine.

So as you know, it is another 2 more days before we can say Bye-bye to
2009 and welcome 2010 with open arms.

Inevitably, time is passing through us as we speak and we can’t stop
time. “We are now another year older… :p

Ok, every post should have a learning point.

So what is the learning point for this post?

If you have only one minute to spare, you should get a dreamboard
done for yourself.

In a dreamboard, you note down what dreams or goals you want.

If you are new to this, you can start off with asking yourself
what you want to achieve for:

1. family
2. spouse/ significant other
3. health
4. skill
5. spiritual
6. business/ career
7. luxury

For a start, you can begin planning what you want for the first
3. Personally, I believe that a family must be happy so you can
focus on your carreer or building your business.

And health (in my opinion) is the most important wealth you have
right now.

“I still remember being unwell last week and I couldn’t get anything

In the past, I don’t really believe in dreamboards. In fact, I find that
it is a complete waste of my time.

It was till when I started doing it for my business. I began to accomplish
some of my dreams while others are in the process of being fulfilled.

The benefit of having a dreamboard is that it keeps you FOCUSED!

You got to refer to it and you are Focused on what you really want
in this year (a one year time frame)

So make sure you get yours done NOW!

Yes Now!

Ok, before I go off and join my friend’s party to celebrate the coming
of 2010, I want to take this time to wish you and your family a prosperous
and smooth 2010!

Well wishes from

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5 Responses to “My DreamBoard For 2010”

  1. Vie says

    That dream board is called mind mapping. Yeah, everyone shall set personal goal as a direction to achieve what we dream or wish for. Thanks for reminder!

  2. Doug Champigny says

    It’s not just the start of a new year, John – it’s the start of a new DECADE, which makes planning a dreamboard all that much more important! Set your goals for the decade, then work your way back to see what you need to attract in 2010 to be on track…

    A Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Decade to All…

    Teri & Doug Champigny.

  3. Christopher says

    I would call it a disapointment board myself!

  4. Shawn Ang says

    Well done John & Edmund. I myself had did a vision board (call it as dream board also) too. Let move on and achieve our goals and dreams! 🙂

  5. the paris apartment says

    Great idea! It’s something everyone would benefit from. I’ll work on mine tomorrow. Happy new year!

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