My 2nd Joint Venture Contest and We are Ranked Number 2!

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This is going to be a short post as I want to thank a personal friend and also a Joint Venture Broker Reed Floren, our team was able to participate in a FREE IM Giveaway.

(This is the 2nd Joint Venture contest. Here is the first Joint Venture contest we participated.)

There were a total of 189 JV Partners and our team was ranked Number 2 in terms of sales.

FREE IM Giveaway contest
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I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow team mate, Benrick for making this possible.

Here are the reasons…

I would like to stress again there is no such thing as “one man show” in the world of business.

We have to work as a team helping one another out. The ideal outcome must be “win-win-win” as how my good friend Vince Tan put it.

Win for your subscribers;
Win for your partners;
Win for yourself.

So Benrick, thank you very much once again!


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  1. Man Giarraputo says

    Do you accept guest posts? I just like the taste how you wrote My 2nd Joint Venture Contest and We are Ranked Number 2! | John Yeo’s Blogging for Profits Work At Home Blog, I am in this topic for ages and I would adore to write 2 or 3 guides here when you agree with me.

  2. John Yeo says

    sure. drop me a message at my contact form.

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