I Can Do This Stuff In My Sleep Now

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Eric has recently left an interesting post on “Rich! Who Wants To Be Rich?

Here is another post from him.


I’m working on a new salesletter for a mass traffic campaign me and my partners are working on, and something just hit me pretty hard. Here’s what it is:

“I know this **** like the back of my hand.”

I mean, I’ve written so many salesletters, I can do this in my sleep.

My son is running around my house (he’s almost 2 now) and laughing, screaming, breaking things and my wife has the TV on full blast, and my sister-n-law is slamming doors as she goes from one room to the next upstairs (not sure what she is doing)…

And I’m busting out a wicked salesletter during all this commotion.

In one hour, I have what most would pay $2500 or more for — wicked copy.

When I teach students this stuff, it’s like… in a matter of seconds I can tell why they are sucking and failing. I can see why others are kicking ass and making fortunes. I can even see on here when someone stands out as a sure-to-be-successful marketer… and I can certainly see when someone comes along just bitching and attacking, all negative and a pain in the ass.

Then it dawned on me, most people never put even a fraction of this hard work into ANYTHING in their lives. Maybe they can swing a mad golf club… or can tell you the names and backgrounds of every character on their favorite TV show… but how many actually get to the point where they can do anything (that makes them money) so well, they can do it in their sleep?

maybe they can do payroll, or taxes, or work some machinery like the back of their hands (because that’s what they do at work), but what do they master? What do they do so well they cant help but make themselves a fortune?

Or, many are just a tiny bit good at everything right?

How many actually bust their asses to the point where there is no doubt. There is no question. There is no hesitation or wonder or reluctance to do something (take action) because they know something so well?

I think very little.

But yet, we have people who continue to buy things, continue to bash and bitch about not making money in this field. I bet none of them have paid their dues. None of them know this stuff like the back of their hands. None of them can do this stuff in their sleep.

What stuff? Any stuff that makes money.

I guess it really is what my old ball coach taught me:


I guess that paid off. To the tune of millions. And, the wind sprints were not so bad now looking back either.

Eric Louviere


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2 Responses to “I Can Do This Stuff In My Sleep Now”

  1. Vincent says

    Hi John,

    It totally make sense! If we make the effort to totally grasp the skill of making money, then making money isn’t an issue anymore. Thanks for sharing this article.


  2. Brandon Schmid says

    They say it takes about 10, 000 hours to master something. For most people that is 10 years of work.

    Most people are simply no willing to put in that kind of work to be successful, espically when there are often no up front rewards for your efforts.


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