3 Ways You Can Fuel Your Dream and Raze Your Fear Now!

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from alexsk


I have many emails applications for the $697 coaching program which I have released 2 days ago.

Only 2 slots and they were Sold Out within 3 hours of the launch.

In total, I have 21 email applications.

Most of the emails for the coaching applications mentioned that they have either no money, no time or not willing to work 8 hours a day to build your business.

Yes, I rejected most of them.

Talking about having your own business, I must admit it is never a smooth route and it is a long journey.

Even the shortest time frame is going to take 6 months to a year, assuming you are using the correct strategy and you have the right mentor like myself to guide you.

Definitely, you must invest money, time and effort in building your business from scratch – one brick at a time.

1. Money:
I have heard tons of excuses that they (other people) have no money. I am not talking about 4 figures investment. I am talking about skipping a cup of coffee a day – about US$3 and investing the money into a good book on blogging or self-improvement.

I know it is not easy. Most prefer to relax and rest than to read a book. (Anyway, there is a study done. 75% of book readers never complete reading 10% of their books.)

But trust me, investing in yourself and building your knowledge is going to take you a longer way than that cup of coffee. It is the best investment in your life.

And for those who feel they have no money, find a job and make some money. Use 20% of your monthly salary to invest in your dream.

2. Time:
It is another sensitive topic. Good time management is not easy, but not impossible. I know of people who wasted their time procrastinating while a minority group of people spent every possible minute of their rest time to read books or listen to mp3 about self-improvement tips or business building.

All of us have 24 hours day, not a minute more, not a minute less. Spend your time wisely and plan your daily schedule.

Rome is not built within a day; it is built a brick at a time. So all you need to do is to make sure you move a step ahead every day and you are much better than 99% of the rest of the Earth’s population who is advancing nowhere.

3. Effort:
You got to put in effort in what you are doing. You may fail the first 10 times but are you going to give up then?

Possibly, the 11th time will work. But for the fact that you have given up on the 10th attempt, you would have never realise that your success is just another step away.

So commit to your learning process and commit to your business building process till you get what you want.

I want to take this time to wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year.

All the best to your 2010!



2 Responses to “3 Ways You Can Fuel Your Dream and Raze Your Fear Now!”

  1. Harrison West says

    Great post John.

    It’s a new year, and it’s time to start MOVIN’.

    Reading books are a great way to get inspiration or fill in that piece of the puzzle that’s been missing in your strategy/knowledge, and AS WELL, I say to simply start wherever you can, wherever you are, regardless of what books or information you think you need. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking you ‘need’ more stuff before you can actually start, when really you’re just caught in the ‘comfortable’ place of procrastinating more!

    It can be scary to step up to the starting line and actually start running the race, for fear of failure or many other things.. But remember- Any movement is positive. Whether you fail or have a set-back or succeed, you will learn something. And that’s the point!

    Take a deep breath and press against your fears! Push through them and you will at least GROW, if not succeed in flying colors.

    I believe in books and acquiring knowledge with full force, but don’t let that stop you from taking small steps today!

    I say- do what you CAN do with the knowledge you have, then once you can’t go any further, THEN start asking questions and searching for knowledge.

    To everyone’s abundance and success!

  2. Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso says


    To all your readers here:

    Guys/Gals if you think money is a problem… I can’t say it might not be for you, but just as John said, think of spending money for education as an investment, NOT an expense. That may help.

    Also, if you think you don’t have the time, that’s untrue, again.
    Just do something – no matter how small – every day. This will add up and some time in the future you will look back and be awed: “Is that what I built?” like…

    And finally… the effort involved into building something, no matter what (offline or online, just the same: effort IS needed) – if you want to have something really bad, you must be prepared to bust your … for it. My 2¢ here.

    Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso

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