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from dorellana

Hi all,

Thank you so much for participating in this contest.

The comments are excellent and well-written. I love them! =)

It has been tough choosing the 3 winners because the comments are very good.

The 3 winners for this contest are:
1. Jack Henry
2. Ken
3. Peggy

I will be sending you an email with your complimentary copy of “Canned Genius”

Congrats again!

Do leave a comment below on how you feel as one of the winners!


It is another weekend of FREE giveaway.

My journalist friend Suzy Black (also a guest blogger) is very nice to give 3 complimentary copies of “Canned Genius“.

Suzy Black

It is an ebook on interviews of 8 successful Internet Marketers namely:

Andrew Hansen
Colleen Slater
Daniel Molano
Tristan Bull
Cindy Battye
John Yeo
Bryan Zimmerman
William Starrett

Retail Price: US$37

If you are committed to your own success, you should start reading success stories of successful Internet Marketers who have walked the talk.

Other useful and relevant success stories are “60 WSO Success Stories of Internet Marketers

So are you ready for this week’s question?

Here you go:
What is the most important thing you have done which has helped you make money online?

I will pick the 3 winners and will contact the winners through your email on how you get your Prize. =)

Contest ends on 21st July 2009.

Send in your submission now and you can submit them in the comment box below.

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24 Responses to “FREE Giveaway Contest: 3 Copies of Canned Genius!”

  1. Tom Cammack says

    Staying focused and listening to and/or reading ALL of the various ebooks, blogs, MP3’s and related all the way through and then using/trying what I have learned to see what works for my situation.

  2. macdonald nyeche says

    I think its a worthwhile experimenting material,untill iam opportuned to go through it properly meantime kudos
    best regards

  3. Jack Henry says

    Hi all,
    Most important things I have done in order to achieve success includes,
    being much more focussed,
    being much more discerning in terms of wanting to get every shiny new ball (tool) which is on offer in the Internet marketing arena,
    but most of all, took 2 weeks off, to clear my head and realise that you do not actually need EVERY TOOL in order to be successful, just keep on working at a small number of projects at one time, and do not get overloaded with need and greed, for even more information and “how to”, because success will come eventually, if you just keep on working smarter, rather than just getting stuck in a spiral of “I need to know everything and do everything” by myself…. since it is a business after all, and it is often best to learn to delegate and outsource, because after all, the internet is dynamic and ever evolving, and since it is not static, then what you learn one month (or year), it may not work just as well after a period of time, but at least it will still work… and as you keep on at it, then success WILL come.
    SIMPLY TAKE ACTION, and do not get overawed by ANYTHING.

    I am sorry that this is a list of things, rather than just ONE thing, but this is what has worked for me.

    Good Luck to all.


  4. normz2 says

    I am still looking for the total key of success. So far, traffic is a big factor. Then comes conversions. In order to have a good rate of conversion you have gain the trust of the people. A good mailing list and sales copy work well.

  5. Dawn says

    I’ve given attention to myself and my gut feeling. That means I’ve unsubscribed from email lists that are distracting, focused more on those “teachers” that offer true value to my end goal and have offered advice to others in a couple of forums to help them see a broader picture of what they might be able to blog about in their niche. I have to admit though that I haven’t made any money online yet – I’ve only begun this new focused journey.

  6. Adedeji Ademola says

    For more than 6 months now,I have been reading several ebooks and testing different models to discover the truest way to making money online.While I have discovered that there is no one method to making money on the internet,patience,consistency and hardwork are essential ingredients of a would be successful internet marketer.For now,I have discovered a simple method which I intend to use starting from next month.

    Thank you John.

  7. erwin susetya says

    for several month since i start to learn about internet marketing, the most obstacle is the overload information. i sometimes feel stress about it, and since i bought e-book from jhon yeo especially in the 5 chapter (mind set) i more be conviden than before, beside i get simple methode about earn money from online. thks to mr Joe, i still need your guidance . . .although today i have’nt had got money from online, but i belive the money is near from me,,and will get me..thks to this community

  8. augusto arnel says

    HI! good morning john for me as of now I havent gone truh blog posting dont have any good idea to begin with I am thinking about how to do’s in maintaining your home in relation to my being a construction guy well maybe you can give me some advice on that, but aside from what I am doing right now is being busy online with this what they call pay to click sites and it cost me a lot of time just to click less than what I think I should be doing in my construction business because I have just started it last 1 month ago and I must upgrade it to premium membership so I just have to contineu with it until I can have it upgraded maybe a week or two thank you for being very supportive. I mean it =)don’t
    have any ebook yet maybe until I can pay you!

  9. John Yeo says

    wow..many good submissions!!! keep them coming! contest ending soon! =)

  10. Peggy says

    The most important thing I have learned is to help people. Match the person with the solution to their problem, or match the person with the service they may need. I have come to understand Marketing is not selling, but helping the person with their need. I now attempt to become part of the solution for the consumer.



  11. Catherine says

    I’m still at the beginning stages of taking my business online, so I haven’t made money at this yet.
    What I’ve found about the business that I’m taking online is that, if put your focus on what’s special and unique about each individual and what that client needs, you prosper.

  12. James Elliott says

    I am in the process if getting unsubscribed from email lists that are distracting. There are so many that what I though would be easyto do this weekend didn’t happen. I am still working at it. Having only one eye it takes me longer to reed enough to know if it is a keeper or get rid of. Being behind on emails hasn’t helped either. I had 250 and maybe more on this address but I am working with 3 days of emails.

    I am still loking for the first dollar.


  13. Scott Ufford says

    I’ve been stuck in the shipyard– preparing, preparing, preparing, etc. — for too many months. My new motto is: “Damn the torpedoes–launch that boat!”

    Because nothing can be accomplished — no millions of $ will start to be earned –until I just say YES to the process.

    Thanks for the chance to vent!

  14. Diane de la Cruz says

    The one thing that I did that helped me earn money online is ACT. I put all the things I’ve learned into action.

  15. Ken says

    John- your emails about blogging have really helped me out. With information from you and my recent membership to Profit Lance, together have been instrumental in me making my first dollar Internet Marketing. Blogging and Article Marketing cost absolutely nothing to do. I created 7 blog sites in June and I already have nearly $100 made from the Adsense ads on them! I also learned how to market clickbank products through article marketing and have already made almost $400 since the first of July. I knew nothing about Internet Marketing or Blogging before June of this year, and now I’m making money. Finally. Thanks for the input, I have read and used your free advice on blogging and I’m serious when I say Thank You- because I knew absolutely nothing at all previously. AND I MEAN NOTHING!!

  16. John Yeo says

    @Ken….congrats..the result you get is because of your hard work! Keep it up!

  17. Susanne says

    Following one system only and follow it through.

  18. Cheryl Wright says

    Hi John,

    I don’t believe it can be brought down to just one thing. It’s been a combination of things, with the main one being *taking action*.

    I have studied other marketers, tweaked webpages, researched to find out what people need, studied SEO, and much more. I also ensure I have ongoing education so that I don’t become stagnant. On top of this, I’m always willing to give it a go. If it doesn’t work, I know I’ve given it my best shot, so I certainly don’t see that as a failure.

    Oh, and one last thing – I focus on the project at hand before I move to the next one instead of flitting between several projects and not progressing on any of them.

    And I guess this post wouldn’t be complete without saying that I didn’t begin to make money until I stopped trying to make money…. and began to help people instead.


  19. Mr. ULM Mahdi says

    It is be a fast developement for future forever.

  20. Ken says

    Its about time I won something!! I can’t wait to get my Free copy of Canned Genius! I did some research and have an idea of what Canned Genius is all about, and anything that will help me make more money on the Internet- I want to get my hands on!! Thanks John!

  21. Jack Henry says

    Hi John,


    Many thanks to Suzy and you for this.
    I am so excited to have won a copy of this Canned Genius product to enjoy.

    I noticed the main theme of the comments above was to

    So, my advice to everyone is to take action, and remember that you do NOT need every single piece of the IM puzzle to make it work.

    Godd luck


  22. Peggy says

    Hi There Everyone:

    I really don’t know what to say except “thank you, John and
    Suzy.” WOW! I truly feel honored and I know I will enjoy the book.

    I have a sticky note on my computer screen that says: ” be gracious, kind and humble.” With that being said, everyone reading this post please remember our customer’s deserve our
    greatest kindness and best effort.

    Once again I just want to say thank you for providing me with this opportunity to add growth to my professional life.



  23. Suzy Black says

    Hi All,

    Apologies for not dropping in sooner – I’ve been on a conference tour with speaking engagements and have had absolutely no time to myself!

    Thank you all for your awesome answers to the question – you certainly have got the right mindset for success!

    Good luck with all your online endeveours, and do remember that persistance is key to making your dreams come true!

    Best regards,

  24. John Yeo says

    Thanks Suzy..i am glad you are doing well =)

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