FREE Email & Skype Consultation Giveaway – Only If You Are Willing To Commit Now!

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from .sweetcaroline

1. Alessandro
2. Tom Morrow
3. Eric Land

Congratulations! I will email you with more details on the consultation!


Weekend is coming and I have received many emails from people interested in getting my Bonuses For Mega Red Packet (worth US$1187!) by today or tomorrow.

Today, I am giving away 2 FREEBIES only to 3 Lucky winners!

I am willing to give a FREE Email consultation and a 30 mins FREE Skype consultation in this Friday FREEBIE Giveaway. (value at US$697)

**You can check out my actual rates here – consulting service

However, there is One condition that you have to fulfill.

I’m Looking For 3 People Who Are Willing To..

1. Post in the comment box below on the 2 questions.
2. The 2 questions are
How I am willing to commit to my online business?
– What steps I am willing to take to make my business succeed?

3. At the end of the contest, I will choose 3 lucky winners! 🙂

* * *

Why am I doing this?

As you know, my plates are fully filled.

I have been reading very inspiring emails from you who are willing to succeed online. So I am willing to help you – especially those who are in the process of creating products or marketing ebooks.


If you are doing this – you fall under my category of Action Taker and I love working with Action Takers!

I know I can’t possibly help all.


I am willing to set aside my time to help 3 Lucky winners! And you could be one of these 3!

* * *

As a reward for you for taking action NOW, I will give :

1. One free email consultation to answer on one topic (for example, niche research, product creation, affiliate marketing, creating squeeze page etc). This is to prepare you for the 30 minute coaching call.

2. One free 30 minute one-on-one coaching calls on Skype.
These calls will be recorded and provided as MP3 file for you.

3. The MP3 will be given to all my subscribers (around 7,000) and this is going to give you lots of exposure for your blog / sales page url

* * *

How long this contest will last?

It will last for the next 2 days and afterwhich I will look through the quality of the response from you and choose the best 3 answers.

I hear from you soon … so post your replies below Now!

Here are the 3 steps again:

1. Post in the comment box below on the 2 questions.
2. The 2 questions are
How I am willing to commit to my online business?
– What steps I am willing to take to make my business succeed?

3. At the end of the contest, I will choose 3 lucky winners! 🙂

*Remember to leave your name and contact email! =)

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46 Responses to “FREE Email & Skype Consultation Giveaway – Only If You Are Willing To Commit Now!”

  1. Hidman says

    Hi John, I am dedicated to learning as much as I can, as well as taking the necessary action immediately upon learning, while the info is still fresh in the mind. As for the steps I am willing to take, there are three, namely;

    i) Spend as much time as possible generating quality traffic.

    ii) Spend the remainder of the time testing conversions.

    iii) Get to know more people (clients, jv partners, mentors, etc) via forums or chat, and build relationships with everyone I know.



  2. Alvin Huang says

    1. To commit at least 4 hours a day to existing projects, and 1 hour a day on future projects to be launched.

    2. To spend some time weekly learning new internet marketing strategies and actually IMPLEMENTING them. And focus on growing my list (real valuable) through various means.

  3. Jingwen says

    Hi Johnny,

    1)I am willing to start from scratch for my first online business, spending around 8 hours a day to work and get my system automated. After getting my online business going on for awhile, i spend at least 6 hours maintain it.

    2)Spending the rest of my time, looking on what my competitors offer and thinking of new ways to market my products.And offering better products to my customers.

  4. Fay says

    As a newbie, I am willing to commit the time it takes to learn the full spectrum of internet marketing, and stay focused under pressure.

    i)to apply effective marketing strategies and tactics to my niche project

    ii)using various ways to grow my list of subscribers

    iii)research on how to build and autopilot my business

  5. Raff says

    Hi Johnny,

    1) I’m willing to put in whatever it takes to ensure that my online business is set up proper, be it leisure time or sleep, even if it means I’ll have to nap for an hour or two every day just so I can get it right the first go around.

    2) Put in intensive research on what works for my competitors and trying to find an edge in the way I position myself in the market.

  6. bob says

    I am willing to do what you suggest,no matter how much time I may need. I will never give up!!


    1- Business assessment
    2- Business expansion/

  8. Brahim says

    How I am willing to commit to my online business ?
    Right now with no assets and using the cyber only I care much to entertain my home based business at every other interval . I take it upon myself not to miss the least opportunity when free , I have the belief that time is of the essence
    What steps I am willing to take to make my business succeed ?
    I’m at a difficult stage with regards my business . I’m only affiliate to a bunch of CEO partners . Not to get into trouble with fees because of the little budjet that I afford I use marketing programs just modestly I feel reluctant in front of priced programs . If I regret it I can’t help it too . If It were not for my sponsors I might not continue the pace . So I keep zealous and optimistic though my broken wings ! the web-site i’m submitting in the box above belongs to one of my dearest sponsors

  9. chima@keywordluv says

    hi,am willing to commit my time and energy to be part of this project. 2=am a novice to this project,but am willing to learn a whole lot about it,so i can be able to know the right steps to take to succeed in the business.thanks hope to hear from you soon.have a nice weekend.

  10. Instant SEO@Rom Machine says

    Hi it is informative.Thanks for sharing with us,

    Thanks Dude…

  11. Wade says

    This is my first online business I’m willing to spend all free time to succeed.
    It is a new learning curve for me I love a new challenge. I thrive to succeed at my goals. Plus I’m looking forward at living a more comfortable life style.

    Signed Wade

  12. Alessandro says

    Hi John, thanks for this post.

    1) I care about my business about three to four hour a day.
    I try to do the best in less time than the day before, and I try also to find more advertising for my work than the day before.
    It can be said as “Minimum effort, maximum profit”.

    2) For the future I hope to become a little more famous than now, applying more attention and using also more paid services with the first incomes I wish to get.
    I hope also to know in persone more guru to make some JV with them, also if I knbow that’s the most difficult thing (I tried with many without success…).

    Thanks for let me explain my method.
    Have a good day John, and especially a good work.


  13. citra williams says

    Hi john,i’m willing to put all the theory into action and stop procrastinating.
    1.Spend at least 1 hour everyday to create more value(generating quality traffic,build good foundation,write my article) to my website(i don’t have a domain and paypal acc right now),but i will have them soon.
    2.Networking and know more people and help to solve their problem .

  14. John Yeo says

    @all, thanks for the comments and response…keep them coming! =)

  15. Tony says

    1.- I have just started up but seem to not be getting anywhere. With your expert help, I will endeavour to put in whatever effort is necessary to take my site to the next level.
    2.- Once I learn the “tricks of the trade”, like building that essential list, etc., I will look at the competition and try to model what the “successful” marketers are already doing.

  16. Tom Morrow says

    Hello John,

    Good to hear from you so shortly after purchasing Bloggers Paycheck. I have spent over $3,000 this past year on products from IM gurus. I finally got my affiliate site up, and have started writing articles and doing my best to get backlinks and one way links to get organic targeted traffic. I also purchased text ads for 3 mos. to see if that would help jump start some conversions. So far, over 3,000 visitors, but no conversions. Obviously, there is something I may not quite understand yet. So, I spend my time tweating the site, and with Bloggers Paycheck info, I hope to have my blog up successfully soon. The blog is a sub-domain of my present niche site. The domain is active, but the blog(WP) is not ready for traffic. I have just about completed your bcp1.pdf and done everything requested. Very easy to understand and complete. Unlike other purchases to help me succeed.

    Once this first site and blog are complete and making conversions, I will start the next one until it is also complete and making money, and then the next etc., etc.

    It is quite a learning curve, but I will never give up, determined and committed to success.

    Well, I think the above information answers your first question.

    As for the second question, I will continue through all of your action plan as provided with Bloggers Paycheck. The WP themes you provided are all very professional, and there is enough niches there to work through for a long time. I do have technical questions about these themes, but more than likely you will answer most of them as I proceed. I will also look for current new trends in a niche that provide good possibilities to monetize before they get to competitive.

    Once I know what I am doing, and having success, I will then look for possibilities for my own product, and joint venture partners.

    I realize that all of this takes time, so I am thankful that the time now spent is something I enjoy doing. Maybe one day, I can reach out and help others as you are now doing.


  17. Bob Stoll says

    Hi John,

    Best of Luck!

    How I am willing to commit to my online business?
    – What steps I am willing to take to make my business succeed?


  18. zainal says

    Hi John thanks for the contest. I would like to that this opportunity to post the answer for both questions.

    I am willing to put all the efforts and time to learn all the ways and means to become a successful online marketer. My willingness reach all the limit to ensure getting all the right info and skills to start at the right track through your coaching and guidance. Time is not the factors but your value time it the great treasure to appreciate with.

    To success in my online business i am willing to take these steps:

    1. Willing to spend all time to learn and collecting information on online business the right way.
    2. Dicipline myself to the way the online business conducted and obey to the rules and regulation understood by all IM.
    3. Listen and learn from all materials/coaching and practically copy the ways your teaches for a better result.
    4. To give feedback/respond on the result so that any mistake/things not working can be corrected as soon as possible.

  19. Mary Coon (makingmagic) says


    Thank you for this opportunity to speak my mind. I consider myself a “beginning expert newbie” on internet marketing. In the past 9 months I have gone from no information and no interest in the internet marketing world to owning multiple domains, an extensive library and have been helping others learn to do what I have been doing. I know I still have so much to learn but I also know I have done much already and there are millions of others that now need all the help they can get to learn to build their sites and then get traffic in more forms than just one to those sites to increase their sales.

    For those who are responding to you in hopes of your assistance, I would like to increase this offer with an added benefit from me personally. For the 3 that you choose, I would like to offer several opportunities (all free).

    I am developing a new system that will combine everything from the beginning information and building websites to the final steps of creating traffic. I will be hosting another giveaway in the near future and the release of the new system is set for end of June. I would like to offer your 3 top winners the opportunity to market their business during the giveaway event that will coincide with the launch of the marketing system. I would also like to offer the winners the opportunity to obtain the complete lists of traffic resources that I have used to drive traffic. I have created spreadsheet templates that will help to keep everything organized and I will give the winners copies of the blank templates for them to use to keep their business information organized to save them time.

    I am not a guru. I am someone who went from absolutely nothing and facing living on the streets after the death of a parent to owning multi-domains, more affiliate packages than I can remember at times, 2 dating sites, a poetry site, an editing and copyrighting business and much more. I own a social site and search engine also. That all sounds like I have paid thousands for all of this. Well, then get ready for a shock. Including paying $96 for a year of hosting, I have spent less than $250 in cash but the time involved was an average of 18 hours a day at my computer.

    I would hope that you will offer this to them as a bonus gift to the 3 you choose for being willing to do what it takes to make a business online. I am self-taught without a mentor and what I have learned is the biggest need to becoming a success online is “Determination and stubborn tenacity to accomplish what you desire in life”.

    To everyone who enters, I wish good luck and hope all who dream and strive to achieve will see their dreams come true.

    Mary Coon (makingmagic)
    coming soon

  20. TJ Birdsong says

    Hello John,
    My name is TJ.

    1. I will take the time that you give me and use it to build my business to the fullest.

    2. As with any business, I will go to the very end to make my business succeed.

  21. Eileen Chesney says

    How I am willing to commit to my online business?
    Will do whatever it takes to become successful in my internet ventures.

    What steps I am willing to take to make my business succeed?
    I am very new to internet marketing. The last five months I have been working on this all my days And nights just trying to understand the different methods, which has not left me much time for anything else. I have not had much progress. I have been putting in a lot of time just to get this far. But I am not a quiter and my quest will be “TO BE THE BEST I CAN BE”.

  22. Icy Mix says

    1) I am willing to teach people to write in English so they do NOT write “How I am willing to commit to my online business?”

    2) I promise not to post any advertisements for Traffic Python.

  23. Karen says

    I am willing to overcome my fears or at least work through them. I have two blogs with very little traffic. I am willing to put in four to five hours a day to improving them. Or if necessary, start from scratch.

    Thank you
    Karen Dobson

  24. Maria says

    Hello John,

    This is a test because before this I submitted a long commitment and steps but did not appear at the moment. I hope it will be posted because I spent time writing it even I am hard pressed of time.



  25. ISABELLA says

    Hello John,
    Well i am new to online business though i don`t have one yet that is the reason why i seek help from expertise like yourself and Lanty Paul.I wouldn`t mind starting one. I had tried so many but they all turned out to be….you know what i mean.I am tired of my boss breathing down my neck on a daily basis and living on paycheck to paycheck working round the clock.Truthfully,i will like to work less hour on the internet and earn more….no stress.

    Get the right software to start off;Get to know people that are successful in this business;Get my own product and project it to the teeming subscribers that are in need of success in online business and lots more. THANKS


  26. John Yeo says

    Hi Maria,

    I have approved all comments.

    Not sure if yours is inside.

    Hope you can resubmit if it is not there.

    Thanks for your time and willing to participate in this. =)



    Hello John,

    This is a test because before this I submitted a long commitment and steps but did not appear at the moment. I hope it will be posted because I spent time writing it even I am hard pressed of time.



  27. Ron Verduzco says

    Hi John,

    My commitment to my business would be to use and
    implement the advise given and to not venture off
    to another online opportunity/project until this
    commitment is utilized to the best of my ability.

    The steps I will take to succeed are to keep updated on
    skills and knowledge so to pass that onto my subscibers
    so they may be successfull. Once they have… I am!

    Thanks, Ron

  28. Maria says

    Well John, my long post is not posted. Unfortunately, it was not written in Word first. I’ll be spending another time again which I can use in my online business venture. So, sorry for me, I spent time writing it and pouring my heart out.

    Anyway, congratulations and keep up the good work!

    Thanks for making us share.

  29. cornelius says

    I have a dream of having a large,steady, permanent and dependable financial income now and I am willing take action on any advise that you are going to give me.

    Steps: I am going to realign everything that I am doing now, cutting away all that distracts and focus to be successful online.

  30. Shick Yoon says

    What shall I do for you?

  31. Keries says

    How I am willing to commit to my online business?

    Taking action and learning from both my good and bad results as I do things.

    What steps I am willing to take to make my business succeed?

    Taking notice what people who actually earn money online do and duplicating what they do whilst trying to work out if there is a better way.

  32. Robert says

    Hello John.

    Couldn’t turn a computer on prior to
    2001. All self taught.

    Having been online and trying marketing,
    among many other things, I have found that
    there is just so much ‘garbage’ on the net
    that is/can be overwhelming for anyone.

    I find it funny (now) of all the things I
    know I should be doing, I can never seem to
    find the time for. I believe that most people
    just get ‘side-tracked’ and that is why the
    success rate is so low.

    Most people (if they were honest) are no different
    than myself and not making these so-called big
    incomes. There is way too much “Hype” for all

    The cost in $’s and wasted time over several
    years certainly has not been compensated by the ‘income’
    I have received.

    In real life I worked at 3 jobs at one time,
    (every day) all unrelated to the other. (for 25 years).
    I had no problem handling the various changes from
    one to the other.(I am now retired and disabled.)

    With the continuous bombardment of ‘new this’
    ‘new that’ online, most times I am left speechless.

    Having stuck it out this long, I don’t intend to
    ‘give up’ until I get it ‘right’. Focus…

    Not complaining, just telling it like it is.
    My mistakes are my mistakes, misguided or not.

    For a change, I am re-assessing my actions/in-actions.
    Hopefully I will get it together.

    Kind of long….
    thank you for listening.


  33. Ingrid says

    I am willing to at this point devote every minute of my time learning whatever is necessary to position myself to be one of the best with my online business to have financial freedom for me and my family and to in turn help as many others as possible do the same.

    I am willing to take the steps that a successful marketer must take, regardless of how difficult they might seem. I know marketing online is not easy,however if you learn to do it the right way, it can become quite easy. Doing things the right way is very important.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  34. Che Abdullah says

    Hi John
    Pleas go slow. I have difficulties in downloading aii material.
    I donot understand your material is very slow to down load 1.7 kb/sec. When I downloads from other wbbsit is very fast i,e 50 kb/sec
    Anyway I have download almost all except video 5 and is still strugling
    Then I shall read trough the materials.
    I am very serious to start internet business.
    Thanks for your support.

  35. Janie Floyd-Legare says

    Hello John and thankyou for the memorable products. In my time spent looking for products you give the largest array of products bar none. Yes I know you have “exceptional products” and yes I know its good for newbys and the others. Getting “quality” traffic is important. Its also a must to be disciplined enough to spend four or more hours a day keeping the website up and advertising and allowing the products to do most of the work. Facts, figures and data must be watched while the customer gets resold. Also thinking about constantly updating the sites you use. I think buying other up and running websites that already have an income coming in is key. You put thousands of dollars and time into producing these products. Its over whelming the amount of products you have. It takes a newby patience, commitment, visualization the dream, knowledge about marketing, looking at stats, comprehending with help of a mentor, patience, tolerance, attitude of gratitude, and just “keeping on keeping on”, Its about seeing those figures roll in on payday. We should pat ourselves on the back for learning a new career, publishing our own ezine books on marketing or another topic. Its a good way to get quality clients. After the learning curve its good to see progress and smiles on the faces of the clients who worked the program and have gotten results. Love Janie North Vancouver, BC

  36. Eric Land says

    1. I am willing to commit to my business in anyway if its that i have to work 10 hours a day. Or if i just need to write article after article. Because I know that starting out is the hardest part but if i spend the time at the beginning in the end it will all pay off.

    2. To make my business succeed i will watch what my successful competitors are doing to make there business succeed. Then I will do one better then them by making the best products on the market and getting better ranks them then in google and yahoo.

    Thanks John for having the contest 🙂

  37. Lucy Stewart says

    I am signed up for a course to learn html because to be honest with you-no matter how many courses I buy, I get confused when they try and explain things and it gets technical. Then I hope to apply it on a daily basis to creating a successful on-line business.

    I am willing to be taken by the hand and lead and given direction and taught how to do things the right way. Even though I live in Las Vegas, I’m not willing to gamble with this.

  38. Sarah says

    HI John,

    We have breifly communicated recently and I keep an eye out for your updates and tips. Thank you.

    In answer to your question. I am and have been willing to commit the time during the day I would go out to a job on my online business.I need to make this work and would like to earn a fulltime living “Online”.

    Secondly I have built a website and have started a blog. I embrace 2.0 marketing and have about 1500 people following on Twitter. Have joined groups in Facebook and have used some paid advertising there as well to get traffic.I have two squidoo lenses and a “Hub” page. I also have a weekly ezine that I send out to about 50 people..and the list is growing.I have created links to suppliers etc and have some of them returned to me. All in all I have given it my best. I need some mentoring and coaching on an ongoing basis but bought my dream home in New Zealand and then got into a tax dispute that has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    In short this is my dream to work online, I have talents that I would like to share and there is a ready and willing market online…

    I send you my thanks for the opportunity to be part of this competition.

    Kind regards

    Sarah Buchanan

  39. Dominic Valentine says


    Many thanks for giving your subscribers a chance of a free consultation – I’m sure it will extremely useful to the winner/s

    – How I am willing to commit to my online business?
    Currently through time only as I do not yet have the funds to ‘buy’ traffic, ads, safelists. I am currently spending about 4 hours per day creating my own product that I intend to sell to create my own opt-in list.
    Then I have to create the website with T&Cs, disclaimers, privacy policies and content.
    Then I have to drive traffic etc. etc.

    – What steps I am willing to take to make my business succeed?
    All – nighters, changing my purchasing patterns to free up more funds (if possible). I am also willing to scrap what I have done so far and start all over again if that means success.

    Thank you John

    Kindest Regards

    Dominic Valentine

  40. Jocelyn says

    Hi John,

    I am really very lost in internet business. Am a mom w/ 3 kids & time is something I cannot afford to waste. So far, only done some reading but dont know how to actually do it hands on yet.Not afraid of hard work as long as i know where i am going . If can really guide me step by step, am willing to start fr scratch & learn what it takes to earn thru the internet.

    More power to your business though I know you have it all already!

  41. Ravikumar says

    Hi John, How I am willing, in fact it is not easy to explain or tell you how. When you are lost and alone there always be an urge to survive and this feeling will help you to do anything to get going, what ever may happen, you can see you will be still moving forward. I feel just like that.

    Steps: I am getting through all the mails that comes into my mail address from all over the world(gurus). Spending time to read and understand. Browsing the web pages just to find out how I can compete with all the marketers. Trying to find a way through google/yahoo/clickbank to get my site going and geting some traffic and sales and put my hand on some $$ so that I can pay and buy some of the powerful programme to speed up.

  42. Ravikumar says

    I had mentioned what I wanted to. I cant go on writing but can act.

  43. Lim says

    I have been stuck in the same situation for years and that is insufficient income. Being a student on a loan, I have to save every dime and penny just to get through the month. I can commit myself for the sake of having some extras in my pocket to spend.

    Being a student, time is all I have to invest in this business. I’m willing to spend my free time into doing this. Like what I have been doing, I would search high and low for tutorials and seek advices from other internet marketers.

  44. Susan says

    Could you please post more on this as I found it very helpful. Thanks.

  45. Huge Bonus Casinos says

    your blog came to my attention by word-of-mouth, and I was skeptical at first. So I visit your blog… And i think that this is really a nice blog!
    I really liked your blog!

  46. Edward Han says

    Guess I am late. Anyway, you have a wonderful blog and keep going with your blog. I can see the potential in this blog.

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