Featured as One of the Top 10 Internet Marketing Game Changers

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Hi, I am very honored to be featured in one of the very brilliant and highly successful internet marketers’ personal blog as one of the top 10 Internet Game Changers who have gone from zero to hero within 4 years.

His name is Edmund Loh and he is the King of Private Label Rights.

When I did my series of email interviews of highly successful Internet marketers, he was the first one to agree to help me. Then, I was really a new player in the field of Internet Marketing.

You can check out his email interview here.

Honestly, I felt that I am just an ordinary guy who is very determined to succeed in this field. It is not easy but the success can be guaranteed – only if you worked damn hard and never look back.

You can check out the other successful internet marketers who I have highly admired too and I thank them for their friendship too.

1. Khai Ng
2. Aurelius Tjin
3. Ian del Carmen
4. Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin
5. Jonathan Teng
6. Semmy Wijayanto
7. Stephen Luc
8. Peng Joon
9. Elle Wong
10. and lastly, myself. ;p

You can check out the whole post at
=> Internet Marketing Game Changers: How 10 Ordinary People Went From Zero To Hero In 4 Years


2 Responses to “Featured as One of the Top 10 Internet Marketing Game Changers”

  1. John Bonzo says

    I’m a freelance writer on the net and I think it’s just great to see all of these remarkable people listed together here. I think of all the work they had to do and the hours they invested to get where they are. All I can say is CONGRATULATIONS!


  2. John Yeo says

    Thanks John. =)

    I am sure you are a remarkable freelance writer too!


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