Busy?? Remember To Smell The Roses

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from ba7reneya_3asola

From now onwards, there is going to be major changes in how I manage my team.

I have received many questions from you and other marketers asking how on earth did I move so fast within a short span of one year.

Honestly, I owe it to my team. There is never one-man show. I have a team of 3 very dedicated team mates who stood with me all these times and we are always forging forward.

So next time when you are successful, remember your team or anyone who has supported you all along. =)

Being really busy for the past one year has been really overwhelming for us. In order to keep every team mate, including myself sane mentally and emotionally, I have decided to do a restructuring.

For your curiosity:

Question: Why have I come to this stage?

As you know, I am also working full time. Now I have a family and I want to spend more time with my family members. In the midst of busyness, I started to feel really drained and I really need a breather.

Being a team leader is also not easy. I have to constantly read other marketers’ blogs, ebooks, materials, forums to learn more about marketing techniques and I have to be constantly updated. There is a constant need to upgrade one’s knowledge and skills. There is a constant need to meet new people and joint venture partners. There is a constant need to make sure you, my subscribers are well-taken care of.

Question: Tell me how will you plan to move ahead.

I will be focusing more on relationship-building with partners as well as making sure my subscribers are well-taken care of.

There will be more contests for free giveaways so that it motivates you to move forward. I will continue to blog about useful content to motivate you too and at the same time, you get to learn new things. I will also be looking for useful products for you like wordpress themes for bloggers or Jaz Lai’s recent new product – Inbox Cash Blueprint.

As for my team mate, Ben, he is the guy who is taking care of technical stuff such as html, webpages, domains, linking up of web pages, emails drafting and autoresponder management.

As for my third team mate, Andrew, he will be doing more of management and upkeeping of our new blog membership site and taking care of our subscribers for this site. He is also well-versed in programming and will be helping us on that as well.

(Keep a lookout for our email on our Blog membership site soon.)

Create your own personal route

I know it is not easy to venture into internet marketing but the rewards can be very encouraging as you realised one day you are able to leave your office and work from home just for yourself and your family. Not forgetting you get to spend more doing things you love and spending more time with your family members.

– Keep a look out for those who can help you
You should constantly be on the look out who you think have the skills to help you. Do not partner with someone just because he is your friend or you can’t say no to him.

Look for someone with good attitude and is willing to learn. Start off with short term projects lasting for 1 to 2 months before committing to big ones.

– Keep a look out for your own health
I really do not encourage you to work 24 hours a day. It is going to drain you and soon without the energy, there is most likely to be an end to your dream.

Set aside 4 to 6 hours a day just for your online business and spend the rest of the time with your family members or doing things you enjoy.

This is important to sustain you and your business for the long term.

– Keep a reward for yourself once in a while

You know what is my greatest weekly for telling myself I have done well for the week?

It is a simple cup of English tea – “Teh Si Siu Dai”. It is in dialect meaning, tea with condensed milk and less sugar.

I feel very satisfied. What I want to say is you got to reward yourself. It need not be expensive stuff. It can simple things like your favorite food or drink or a swim or a tan at the beach.

By the time this post is published, I could have gone for a swim. It is weekend man! Time to relax.

In the meantime, if you have any question, just comment below and I will get back to you.

Happy reading! Make sure you have a fantastic weekend doing things you enjoy!


9 Responses to “Busy?? Remember To Smell The Roses”

  1. Peggy says

    Hey you guys:

    What a great blog…..It is wonderful to know you guys are real people. The graphics are great and the message is tremendous.

    Thanks for thinking about all of your subscribers.


    the plain and simple girl

  2. Mr. ULM Mahdi says

    Flovours are always controlling our tention.

  3. Alessandro Zamboni says

    Hi John, thanks for this great article.

    Personally I have to focalize about my health and also to regard myself when I make good thing in my online work.

    About the other parts of this text I can only say that I never was a Team Leader, but I can comprehend your status just because I have known many friends in the Traffic Exchange’s field that had so many problems in their daily routine.
    So many that after 6 or 8 months they want to take a pause.

    I really appreciated your contents, written from soul, not from your keyboard.

    Goodbye by Alessandro Zamboni

  4. Christopher says

    Well John after reading about everything you need to do it doesn’t sound like much fun. It sounds like it’s all work and you get nothing but money to show for your efforts. I wasn’t looking for money so much as I wanted to find something I wanted, an maybe this is not it after all, Thanks John!

  5. Angela Bell says

    Thanks John,

    I really needed that because I have been trying really hard to get things going. Now I have switched over to wordpress so I really feel like I am behind. I just keep saying it will be worth it in the end. When this is done, I should be able to slow down a little, I really am on the computer from morning to the evening. I gotta stop that.

    Just keep doing what your doing and I know we will all be ok.


  6. augusto arnel says

    hello john yes after all of your hard work to teach us how to be like you,I think we should do as you would like us to be as of me yes I feel stagering dont know who must I follow, I think I should follow your lead thanks for the blog I have created my own on google http://myblogaugust2arnelcom.com but I think its is not indexed yet because I’m lacking some post and that is where I am at a lost so thanks and when I downloaded a wordpress you have told me I think I dont do it the right way when I open the zip folder it is scatered all over the page and not in one place how could it happen thats why I still didn’t have a blog as you would like me to have and thanks for this need it really!

  7. John Yeo says

    Thanks Peggy…there is always a face behind all these online sites…real people =)

    Hi Alessandro, you are doing great…just keep up with the momentum

    Hi Christopher, at the end it is not about the money…it is getting to spend time with your love ones.

    Hi Angela, just keep up with me..i like your positive spirit.

    Hi Augusto, you are welcome…never say die! =)

  8. jacqueline says

    Hi John, thank you for your advice. That is a good idea. Sometimes I really wish I had time to do that. I am still trying to find a way.
    Hey John, you are great.

  9. Catherine says

    Thanks John!
    I’d agree with you that one of the most important things is balance and having room for the people and things you love in your life.I think sometimes people forget that balance in life is not carving your time into little sections on a pie chart, but an active, constantly shifting dynamic (kind of like balancing standing on the middle of a seesaw was when I was a child)
    Without balance, we burn out!

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