Big Money? Get Rich Quick?

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from kittynn

Hi, today we have a guest post from my buddy Edmund Loh.

Attracted to impressive figures like making 6-figures in one week? Just hype? Or do you still desperately want to believe it’s possible? Here’s my take…

After reading several sales letters in the Internet Marketing arena, we are conditioned to listen to stories of what seems to be overnight success. Stories on how obscene amounts of money were made in a ridiculously short time span.

While it’s possible to achieve that kind of success, the problem is that many people get the illusion that it’s just as possible to get rich quick…

… Without doing any lick of hard work.

In Thinking Big, Donald Trump talks about how the media popularized young celebrities and amazing stories of overnight success, giving young people the subtle idea that they can do it too. They can get rich quick. They can get famous. And do them without working hard for it.

I haven’t met a single successful person who achieved his or her level of success without putting in hard work. Of course, the idea of working hard puts many people off already.

As in the case of making money from the Internet, it’s possible to make the big bucks but only if a solid business system is in place. It’s likened to building a pipe system. It is only when the system is in place, you can start drawing water from the well at the switch of the lever.

The Internet being no exception from offline in this area, it will take time to build a business until it’s solid and self-sustainable. Once your business model is in place and fully working, you too can draw your own wealth from the E-Commerce pie!

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