Are You Your Greatest Obstacle To Your Own Success?

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from evaxebra

Are you your greatest obstacle to your own success?

I received an email from a friend this morning and it was really shocking and pretty unexpected.

In order to help him succeed in Internet Marketing, I have given him umpteen chances to create a product with me.

I am literally hand-holding him…

It was not easy for us to do the coordination and supporting him, helping him to keep to his schedule.

It is a relatively simple product to do and it just needs a certain level of commitment to do it consistently.

I have even provided him the resources, where to find the information and the structure on how to lay out the pages in this product.

I have even taken the responsibility to help him promote it and we share the profits.

BUT…this guy gave up…

It has only been 2 months and he quits this morning.

I know it is not easy to pull through. BUT if we want to succeed online (or offline), this is what we have to do and MUST do

As you have read the many stories of successful marketers, you realise it is not easy for them too to be where they are today.

There are countless days spent in tears, sweat and blood and they never give up no matter what.

Stay true to your course and do whatever it takes to reach there…no matter what.

* * *

My personal feeling is kinda of mixed up.

On one hand, it is really disappointing in the sense he is the one who told me he is sick of the job he has and he wants to make it on the internet marketing field and break away from the rat’s race.

Is it just a mere wish?

I have spoken to my friend a few times asking what is stopping him.

Reasons given were “he does not feel like doing it”, “he is mentally stuck” and so on.

I did my best to support him as much as I can so that he can succeed.

I really want him to be successful!

But there is only so much I can do…and provided he is willing to help himself.

I always believe in this saying “we can only help those who wanted to be helped.

* * *

If you realised you are struggling mentally and finding it really torturing to adjust your mindset to be a winner, here are 5 things you can do:

1. Read up more. Have an open mind to be willing to learn

2. Join a mastermind group. Be positively influenced and be open to change for the better.

3. Exercise. Train up your body, mind, and soul. Learn to be congruent and fit.

4. Pick up a hobby. Pick up an activity you have always enjoyed and rekindle your passion.

5. Have a mentor When you are ready, the master will appear. Be willing to learn and do whatever it takes to succeed.

What I hope you can bring home from reading this post is that if you are serious in being successful online, ask yourself how much commitment you are going to put in.

Next, take action and work on a product and see to the end of the project.

Your mindset matters…set your mind to it and you will be fine!

As for my friend, I wish you well and may you succeed in your own rights one day =)

Share your thought with me. I love to hear from you.


5 Responses to “Are You Your Greatest Obstacle To Your Own Success?”

  1. Steve says

    Good post – too bad about your friend. Having someone experienced with internet marketing is a BIG plus for anyone trying to start out in this biz.

    I can certainly understand where he’s coming from – I’ve struggled with either a mental block (like he seems to have had) as well as “idea avalanches”, where there’s so many thing I want to do at once that I get caught in a loop and get nothing done. 🙂

    – Steve

  2. John Yeo says

    Hi Steve,

    I know it is not easy. The going will get tough and tougher…but what matter most is in our mind…

    Persevere on and never give up.

  3. Alessandro Zamboni says

    Hi John, in these Article you remember me my start 🙂
    In fact some times ago I was really fed up with all the internet marketing world around me.

    Well, I was lucky to find you John, and I think about that every time I add a post to my Blog.

    Also when I created my product and I saw 0 sales, I reduced the price, 0 sales, I added some valued bonuses (0 sale) I was really near to quitting my IM Job.
    The Guru are on another planet just because they start before us and all they say is Truth (also if that is not always true).

    The advices that save my life is firstly to get a coaching for the building of a blog (that’s a necessary step for all).
    And then the correct mindset to launch my e-book.

    Well, the sales are always 0 ? No problem !
    Try to rebuild your website (with the help of a professional coder), try to get a copywriter to rewrite your selling page and start to advertise like a mad.
    The sales will come.

    If you want to cut your space beetween the Gurus you have to build your “Professional Image”, prepare a great photo, post on their forum and follow them behind the curtain to grab their hidden secrets.

    And keep my advice in mind : when you have learnt what you need to start, remember that you are the seller, not the others !
    Never give up !

    And start building a list before doing anything else, giving away a free report cutted out by your work.

    Thanks again John, and Goodbye !

  4. Nancy Boyd says

    My coaching clients have an edge because we do the footwork first. We start with the mindset, and make sure it’s where it needs to be for them to succeed.

    In dog training they call this “setting the dog up for success.” I like the way they say it, because you have to set yourself up for success by getting into the right frame of mind — and truly understand the tasks you’ve set for yourself and HOW you will reach them. This is for many folks the missing link. And it’s the critical one.

    Give me a client with nothing in their pockets but a great mindset between their ears, and I will guarantee that client will make it.

    Good stuff here! Thanks for sharing it.

    Remember, get your attitude right first. THEN make the plan, and get into action on it 🙂 (And expect to mess up sometimes; everyone does!)

  5. Sudhakar says

    Hi John,

    It is pretty inspiring at the same tine scaring.
    Being new to IM .I found one aspect very overwhelming.
    Every Guru offers great promise,floods with free reports and gifts.How should a newbie choose and pick up a safe rope to help himself reach the destination with little wear and tear.

    Thanking you

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