Are You Setting Milestones For Yourself?

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from saulgm

Hi, this is going to be a short post before I am taking the
weekend off to relax. It is going to be a swim and relaxing
about a nice dinner with my wife.

I want to share with you some questions some of you
asked me a few days ago.

How do I advance so quickly?

Some internet markets have complimented me, saying
that I have advanced much faster than most
established and very experienced marketers, achieving
certain level of success much faster and within a shorter
period of time.

Let me reveal 3 secret tips.

Yes just 3 and that is all you need to be successful.

1. Find mentors and be sincere in learning from them.

I have 3 mentors who I owed them alot. One of them is Ryan Chua, one of
the owners of Razor for gamers The other
is Calvin Woon from IM Buzz.

Others are respected marketers like Edmund Loh of PLR Gold.

You need to learn from those who walk the talk and model after them.

I am thankful for their teachings and I have really learnt alot.

So what you can do now is to identify successful businessmen or
entrepreneurs around you and ask if they can mentor you.

2. Set milestones.

Within this year alone, my list has grown to over 10,000 subscribers
and we have done product launches, joint venture giveaways and so on.

In fact, a typical path of a marketer can be from
– blogging/ affiliate marketing/ article marketing or any money-making tools
to product creation and recording of what you did to make money
to joint venture to launch your product
to joint venture giveaway or firesale to make more money
to more jvs including cross promotion and cross jvs

So ask yourself where you are now and start moving upwards.

3. Take action, take action and take action.

Simple advice and simple strategy. Just take action after you have set your
milestons and plan your goals.

Good luck!

Have a good weekend!

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4 Responses to “Are You Setting Milestones For Yourself?”

  1. Nando says

    Hi John,

    Action begets action. You’ve outlined a simple goal setting system anyone can use. The key is to take action consistently and stay connected with your mentors throughout.

  2. John Yeo says

    yes, this is the simplest and fastest way to achieve
    success….but many rather do it on their own and
    not invest in mentors…and again, there is no right or
    wrong…different people have different preference. =)

  3. Muhd Suhaily says

    Hi, Yeo..that cool…

    Now I will use your simple step, I am not saying try..but I will..

    Thanks a lot…

  4. John Yeo says

    Good work…at least you are putting in effort. =)

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