2 hours day – Are You Committed To Your Plan?

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from nattu


I was talking to a fellow subscriber on Skype a few days ago.

Just a month ago, he did not know much about internet marketing. He was trying a few stuff online and didn’t make much money from the things he did.

Amazingly, he made over a $1000 in 2 weeks later and I asked him about his secrets in making things worked for him.

He did not say much about the money-making method he is using.
He did not say much about what he has been doing.
He did not say much about the tons of materials he has.

So what did he say?

He said he has been putting in action daily.

I think this is the magic pill everyone has been looking for – consistent daily action.

It is not easy to admit that this is one of the MAJOR factors which will decide whether you are going to succeed or not.

As what my other successful marketer friends had put it, 80% of your success lie in the action you take daily.

It does not matter whether you have set aside 1 hour, 2 hours or 6 hours a day.

The focus here is consistency.

Now, my daughter is 6 months old and having to take care of a baby while working from home is not easy.

For those of you who have kids, kudos to you!

I can empathize how tough it is to set aside 2 hours a day, apart from the time spent on managing your house and finding time to sleep.

I, myself is struggling daily. :p

It is not easy. But you need to do it and if you are committed to being successful, you MUST find time to work on your goals.

Perhaps this could be how you can do it everyday.

1 hour to read an ebook a day?
Another hour to build your blog?
Half an hour more to list your blog for sale?

I know most of you have your full time job and your family to take care of after you come home from work.

Understand here that I am not asking you to work, work and work. You can break your 2 hours into smaller parts and space them out at different part of your day.

For example, half an hour in the morning to work on your blog, another 30 minutes to plan out what you can do when you get home while on the train or bus and spend another hour at night after your children have slept, on driving traffic to your blog.

Do your best to plan each day and work on your plan.

Remember, consistent daily action will make you successful one day.


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