Top 2 Blog-Related Business Ideas – What Can Work For You

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I love blogging. Beside offline consulting, blogging is the other best business ideas that anyone can easily start from home.

In fact, if you have been reading the news about Google Penguin update, there has been a lot of worries and guesses what still work and what no longer work. Still, most people are still trying out blogging because there are so many millions of sub niches to make money from. Use this free tool – Google Keyword tool to find your sub niches.

By now, you should know what blogging is and how it can make money. These are a few ways
– Adsense
– Amazon affiliate
– Clickbank affiliate
– Private ad sale

Blogger Gary Sieling put together this graph of the most-mentioned revenue generating partners for 76,000 Flippa auctions.

So in this blog post, I want to share with you the big picture of 2 niche business ideas in 2012.
(I will also be sharing some very specific numbers so you can work on your first blog or improve your blogs right after reading this blog post.)

1. Small Niche Sites

In case you are wondering what a small niche site is, this is what a small niche site is made up of.
– 1 Primary article consisting of 800 words.
– 5 Secondary articles consisting of 500 words
– 1 Contact me page
– 1 Privacy Policy page
– 1 Sitemap

Objective: To rank one keyword of the Primary article on first page of Google and to earn money through Adsense or selling affilitate products in Amazon or Clickbank.

Keyword criteria:
1000 or more exact match
$1 or more CPC (for Adsense)

What you can use a niche site for:

– To flip it for a higher price. Normally, the selling price is at least 20x its earning value. If it has an earning revenue of $50 per month, it’s selling price should be around $1000 (50 x 20) Sometimes, the selling price may be higher if you are selling to small medium companies which are in the same niche as your blog.

If your blog is in drug rehabilitation niche, a drug rehabilitation centre may be interested in buying your site.

– To grow your blog further. You can continue to add more articles, capture opt-ins to grow your subscribers list and to build a social community such as creating a Facebook fan page. Naturally, with more subscribers, traffic and probably more revenue, your site’s value will definitely increase. And your small niche site will grow into a very big website called an authority site.

2. Authority site

As mentioned, authority sites are very big sites with lots of content. However, having lots of content is not enough. It must have good quality content so that your readers will return to your site. With higher traffic, you can consider selling advertising space in the form of banner ad or text link ad in the blogroll or in the content.

Objective: To build and grow it into a mega monster so that it can bring you a monthly stream of passive income either through selling of ad space or selling products (affiliate or personal)

In the next blog post, I will be reporting the exact steps our team has taken to build our small niche sites. We have been always wanted to start something from scratch so that anyone, including you can easily duplicate our strategies and take action instantly.

Yes, I know most of you may be thinking of “Not another blogging topic.

However, this series of blog posts is going to be different because we are going to do it differently next time.
Criteria 1 – Build a clusters of money-earning sites which we will want to sell to our customers

Criteria 2 – We will be building our sites as a team (no more one man show and we will be showing you where you can get yours.)

Criteria 3 – Using a proven strategy to get maximum result within the shortest possible time (3 to 5 months)

Criteria 4 – Generating a continuous passive income stream using this one business model

What do you think of these 2 business ideas? How useful are they? Do you think it is easy for you to implement? I love to hear from you.

If you have any question regarding any of the steps, do leave your questions below and I will get back to you within a day.

Starting Your Offline Consulting Business, From Scratch

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Hi, I’m back. Sorry for not having been updating my blog for a while as I have been pretty busy being a stay-at-home-dad and spending lots of time taking care of my daughter. Being a parent and juggling my online business is not easy and I have made some tough decision to take things slowly and focusing on what I feel is more important to me right now.

So now, I’m back and I promise to share more about what I have been doing so you can benefit too.

I have received some emails asking me about how one can start building his offline consulting business and the questions which were asked were pretty similar.

Here are some of the questions:
– Where do I get prospects?
– How do I know what kind of services to sell?
– How can I get my first customer?
– Where can I learn about offline consutling?
– How do I make money from it?

During the past few months of “disappearing”, I was also helping out some of my students in their offline consultation business and they have successfully clinched their first projects with many more to come.

Here is exactly what my students did and this is something you can easily follow too, if you are looking for fast cashflow.

Step 1. Go through these 5 days free marketing e-course and watch the training videos at (Just sign up, it is 100% free.)

Step 2. While going through the 5 days training, think of your direct network and those people who you know need online services.

For example, one of your friends, who owns a shop selling shoes, is keen to get an e-commerce website. Or one of your existing customers need a website to promote his home interior design service.

What you should do is to list down at least 10 names and the type of services they will require.
For example.

James – setting up a website
Susan – setting up a Facebook fan page
Travis – search engine optimisation service
John – redesign of his website

What this will do for you is to open up a list of business opportunity with the people You Know. And what matter most is they trust you and will more likely do business with you.

Step 3. Once your list is up, contact your prospects within 24 hours. Drop them an email like this.

“Hi James, this is John here.

How have you been?

I have recently started an offline consulting business and wondering if you know of anyone who will need more online exposure or will need a new website.


You realise that in the email, you are not asking for business directly from James. It is less intimidating and intrusive. You are in fact askinf for referrals. And if James know of anyone who needs your service, he will know who to refer to. Yes, that person is YOU. And knowing James may need your service, he will know who to contact. And yes again, that person is YOU.

Step 4. The next step is to do consistent follow up.

When you are new and are just building your customer base, you will not likely have a proven track record. So you need to be genuine in helping your prospects out. Offer free consultation and show your prospects how much you know and care about his business.

However, having said this, not all your prospects will become your paying customers. Maybe only 10 to 20%. And this means that out of 10 prospects, only 1 to 2 will become your customers.

So the trick here is to keep on contacting more prospects.

Congratulation! Once you have reached step 4, you are and should be making some money.

What do you think of the 4 steps? How useful are they? Do you think it is easy for you to implement? I love to hear from you.

If you have any question regarding any of the steps, do leave your questions below and I will get back to you within a day.

Shocking! He Made $1000 in 5 Days! + Coaching (Last Slot)

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Last week, I did a 5 day 1-to-1 email coaching with one of my students
and as predicted and guaranteed, he made $1000 in 5 days!

I am letting my student’s results speak for themselves.
Check out the email he sent me.

Click to enlarge.

Here is what he wrote in his thank you email to me.

(I made) $1000
$500 for Web design and $500 for 3 months SEO.

John, thanks for your encouragement.
Will be meeting another client next week.
Hope can close another one next week.


By following my taught method, Allan is going to close another $1000 deal next week
and that will be $2000 made in just 2 weeks.

Allan is not the only one who made money.
There are many more who made money.

One collected a $300 cheque on the 3rd day.
One collected $400 cash on the 4th day.
One more collected $100 on the 5th day.

And all of them are busy people like you and me
and they have their day job too.

If they can do it, so can you.

Now, imagine…

Imagine making $1000 a week and that is $4000 in a month’s time…
Imagine what you can buy for $4000 in your pocket!

Right now, I’m accepting another 2 more students for my paid email coaching program.
It won’t be cheap. I only want to work with serious people who are serious about
making money and making sure they succeed.

My 1-to-1 coaching programme is usually priced at $3000 for 30 days.

Read on to find out what my coaching programme consists of
and the Today Only Special Offer I am giving only to my subscribers.

In this coaching, you will learn:
all about offline consulting and it REALLY is the fastest and easiest way to
bring money (and food) home. (Proven by my student’s result)

My other best track record – one student made US$1000 within 7 days (while still schooling)
and of course, the other Italian student who made US$8000 in 30 days.

Today, I am going to handhold 2 more lucky students and
for the next 4 weeks, I am going guide them
in taking a step a day so that they will make their first sale
within the shortest time (preferably within your first 5 days).

And Offline Consulting is FASTER and EASIER than any other method
like affiliate marketing, product selling…

YES! Till you are going to make your first sale.

This is how the training works.

There will be one email a day.

Each day I will send you one email with the daily task and you
must complete it and submit your homework to me by the next day.

Yes, you have to take action, follow the steps I have told you
and complete all of them.

In that single email, you can also ask me questions related to the
daily task and offline consulting.

So, here is what you need to do to sign up:

Step 1: Make payment using the PayPal button (Today only special offer.).

Just for today, you can now sign up for my coaching at just $2000 for 60 days of coaching.

Step 2: Email me your PayPal receipt to and we will start immediately.


P.S. I will close my 1-to-1 coaching program once the last slot is filled up.
And there will be no refund for this as we have invested time in making you successful.

REAL Testimonial from my students who made REAL money:

I have heard that offline consulting is the fastest and easiest way to make a decent amount of money online.
Therefore, I decided to give it a try. However, I quickly realised that it is not as easy as I thought. I have tried for a few months and met a number of prospects but have never successfully closed the sale.
I am a subscriber of John’s newsletter. A few days ago, I receive an email from John, offering a 5 day email coaching for offline consulting.
And you know what? By the end of the email coaching, I have successfully closed my first client and I received a cheque of $1000.

What I like about John’s email coaching is this:

a) John’s method is practical and free of hype (unlike some of the WSO you find in the warrior forum)
b) Most importantly, it works!
c) John is very patient and encouraging. He also replies email very quickly.
I will definitely recommend others to take up John’s coaching.

If I can already get so much value from John’s coaching, imagine how much more value you are going to get when you sign up for his coaching too.
Offline consulting is certainly one of the fastest and easiest way to make money online. 1 sale can usually mean a revenue of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.
Thanks so much John.
Allan Lim

Thank you John

No doubt with this 5 day training you show me quality training and support. From day one you encourage me to succeed in this training.
You solve one of my big problems to provide my customers with a quality product and this encourage me to make my first sale.
Helping local businesses with their websites is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money. In just 5 days I make my first $100 sale and this is a big step in my future business success.
Thank you again

Join Now!

Is $5000 in Residual Income Possible? – Blogs Renting

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When setting up a business for your offline consulting, it is important to remind yourself not to work yourself to death.

Many small business offline consultants that I know are working 12 to 18 hours a day to fulfill orders. They range from designing blogs to building backlinks for their customers’ blogs. For every project that they have completed, they take on another way and continue working to help their customers.

There is nothing wrong with this system, only if you really working and would rather spend time working than travelling or doing other things you enjoy more.

In today’s blog post, I would like to share with you a business system which can bring you passive income every month without you doing much work.

Well, perhaps you need to oversee the system and tweak it to be more efficient so you have even lesser work.

In the offline consulting niche, one has to understand that the purpose is to meet the need of your customers who are the business owners. Let’s narrow down and I personally prefer to work with small business owners mainly for these two reasons.

– Small business owners are either a one-man team or has a few staff and they can make decisions faster.
– Small business owners have many many tasks to handle daily and they are always more than delighted to have you coming in to help them and most of them really appreciate your help.

One of the needs of a small business owners is tight budget and they lack IT expertise. Even if they know how to set up a blog or site, they will not have time to do it because they have other prioritites such as fulfilling orders for their own customers.

So, imagine this, what if you can provide a service like this
– ready made site with ready content
– all you need to do is to change the contact to that of your customer
– you can help upload the images for your customers
– your customer can rent your blog and decide after a few months if having online presence works for him.

In my coaching, I have taught my student this method and he ended up making US$8000 in residual monthly income within 30 days. So anyone can easily do it, including you.

So what should you prepare now, even if you want to test it just for the next 30 days.

Remember now is the testing phase and you got to keep your cost low.

You need to have a reliable hosting such as Hostgator. Use the coupon code “1centoffernow” to try it for just one cent for the next 30 days.

Next, you can use free WordPress themes. There are tons of them. All you need to do is to Google “cake + free wordpress themes” if you are targeting home bakers. If you are targeting dentists, Google “dentist + free wordpress themes”.

Set up a blog and add about 2 to 3 pages so that there is content on your blog.
If you want to add more pictures, use stock free images.

Now, let’s work out the Maths.

Renting a blog at $100/ month with all the following services
– changing of contacts
– adding customer’s content such as text and images

To make $5000 a month, all you need to find 50 customers.

Here are some places you can find customers
– Yellow Pages
– Chamber of Commerce
– Groupon
– Business Directories

Next, changing contacts and uploading content are considered as eazy low level jobs and you can hire
a part time freelancer at about $400/ month to do it for you.

So you will still have $4600 passive month every month and there is no need for you to do much work.

Feel free to share with me your thoughts by leaving your comment below.

[Attention Offline Marketers] Make $500 With 1 Email? EBAY Marketing Blueprint Shows You Exactly How

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My student, Aljiro did it again!

Taping onto the power of the largest online auction sites, he easily made over US$460 just by sending out ONE email.

Check out how he did it!

2 Fastest (And Easiest) Ways to Make Money Online

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from ravsitar

Recently, I did meet up with my students and we discussed about a very common topic which everyone loves to discuss about.

What is the fastest (and easiest) way to make money?

Won’t you want to know? If yes, read on.
Read more

[Subscribers Only] BCM Offline Consulting Training – Part 2 + Contest

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2012 is coming really soon and we want to help 5 lucky subscribers to blast their way to into a MORE prosperous New Year! This is the reason we are offering this contest.

The Prizes:

We will be selecting 5 lucky subscribers to take part in our BCM (Blog Cash Mentor) offline consulting training.

What is this contest about:

In this contest, the 5 lucky winners will be working with our team till you make your first $100.

Who are in our team?

They include myself and my other students who have successfully made money by offering offline consulting.

How to join:

Joining this contest is really very easy!

To stand a chance to win one of the 5 slots, tell us “One reason why you want to take part in this training”

Your reply should be
“I want in because [[your reasons]]

We will be choosing the winners based on the quality of your answers.

A bad reply is like:
“I want in.”
“I need money.”
“I am broke.”

A good reply is like this:
“I want in because I have been dabbling internet marketing and I know the basic knowledge. Now, I just need someone to guide me.”

“I want in because I am willing to work hard to commit to the programme and do whatever it takes to get me there.”

Post your reply in this thread below.
=> Contest thread
(You will need to sign up as a forum member to post.)

Dateline: 31/12/2011, 12 midnight EST

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