[Offline Consulting] Part 5 – Profiting from Just ONE Niche

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from aixcracker

By now, you should be ready to start your new venture. I have a student who started 2 weeks ago and she is now in the online marketing planning phase with her client.

This means that she is discussing with her client how they should design their sites to suit their business and how they should start collecting leads.

This collaboration is worth over US$2000!

Remember this is just one customer who is worth $2000. (Not forgetting the various upsells we discussed in Part 4 Increasing Your Profits.)

What about just getting another 2 more customers and that is $6000 in revenue!

If your first customer is a dentist, get 2 more dentists.
If your first customer is a lawyer, find 2 more lawyers.
If your first customer is a insurance agent, get 3 more agents.

Why would you want to get customers in the same niche?

It makes more sense because after serving your first customer, you know more about their needs and wants.

Armed with this new knowledge, it puts you in a better position to close the deal.

Plus, you can always tell your prospects you have a happy customer just like THEM.

Now, we have come to end of the 5-parts series. If you follow the 5 steps diligently, I am very sure 2011 is going to be a very different year for you.

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5 Responses to “[Offline Consulting] Part 5 – Profiting from Just ONE Niche”

  1. Bolaji says

    The whole offline scenario is quite interesting. Yes, there are many companies that need the expertise we have working as internet marketers. I think for many people is the strategy of getting clients in the first place. Does one use sales people?

  2. Alan says

    John, what you said make sense.

    You should be getting clients in the same niche.

    But I have a question here.


    Let say you are doing SEO for 2 different lawyers.

    They both want to rank for “copyrights”
    But there is only one top position in Google

    So obviously you can only help one of them achieve a top google ranking for a particular keyword.

    So I suppose you should get clients from “Similar Niche” and not the “EXACT SAME NICHE”???

    Of course I understand that offline consulting is not only about SEO, but I suppose there may be possible conflict of interest when you serve clients of the same niche.

    I am really interested in your view on this.

    Thanks you.

  3. John Yeo says

    Hi Alan,

    Great question =)

    I am referring to the same macro niche but different sub niches.

    I did a search and found a mega list of lawyers at https://www.typeoflawyer.com/ ..over 20 of them! :p

    Even if it is the same lawyer of the same micro niche, the keywords they want to rank may differ too.
    (If the keywords are the same, you can choose not to take it up as there is a conflict of interest)

    Let me know if you need more info.


  4. henry says

    Great concept here.

  5. Alan says

    John, I actually have many many more questions.

    It seems that nowadays, there are many courses teaching offline consulting. And they make it seems so easy. But some of them seems to teach conflicting information.

    But I am wondering.

    Isn’t there a lot of things you have to prepare before hand?

    Like how to collect payment?

    Check? Credit Card? Paypal?

    How about legal forms?

    How about contracts?

    Where do you get them in Singapore?

    Do you have to get a lawyer? Wouldn’t that be expensive?

    Do you dress business like or casual?
    (Some course say dress like a business man. Some course say be casual
    so that you do not look like a sales man. Some course says depend on who you are approaching. Conflicting information!)

    Is there a cheaper and easier way to get started?

    John, have you ever considered creating a course on how to do offline consulting, especially in Singapore, with all the templates provided?

    Would be great if this is available.

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