[Offline Consulting] Part 4 – Increasing Your Profits

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from daisy

After connecting with your leads, you will realise that there are many needs of a customer. Providing one type of service is never enough to satisfy the many other needs he has and the new needs you have created through introducing him the first service.

Let me share with you some examples.

What if your customer is a dentist?

You can:
1. Create an opt in box for him to collect leads
2. Create good content for customers to read, such as how to keep our teeth clean, how to choose the right type of dentist for you
3. Generate targeted traffic to the blog

What if your customer is a education centre manager?

You can:
1. Do market research and competitor analysis for her
2. Create fan page for her students to interact
3. Create marketing materials and free reports such as how to get better grades, how to manage your stress during examination period

What if your customer is a plumber?

You can:
1. Build a lead capture page and create a freebie bait
2. Create autoresponder messages to warm up his lead
3. Create marketing materials for the plumber to sell his service

In fact, if you still can’t think of any idea to upsell, you can always refer to the 10 services in part 1.

In the next and last part, I am going to talk about how you should and MUST Stick to one niche and build a base of similar customers.


4 Responses to “[Offline Consulting] Part 4 – Increasing Your Profits”

  1. Paul T says

    John, can you recommend a widget or plugin for WordPress to create a personalized opt in box?

  2. John Yeo says

    @Paul, one good resource is https://bloggerspaycheck.com/getresponse.html

    It is a paid service and you can choose to pay monthly.

    @Chuck, thanks

    @Christopher. the idea of sharing is that we can all learn and use it…thanks for your nice words.

  3. Chuck says

    Some good tips for using online skills in the offline world.

  4. Christopher says

    Very nice John, my hero is Robin Hood, and guess who you remind me of. Not that you are steeling or taking from anyone but you could be selling this info for lots of bucks, Thanks for the leg up John!

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