[Offline Consulting] Part 3 – Connecting with Your Leads

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from hoodlumpr

In the last post, I talk about getting leads. Now, I want to talk about how you can connect with them and what online platform you can use.

What is the most popular social networking site?

Yes, you are right.


Almost everyone has an account in Facebook. And that includes your potential customers.

The main advantage of finding your leads from Facebook is that he already has an account and is actively using it. And you can get to connect with him and build relationship.

How you can do it?

By setting up a Facebook page like my fan page on blogflipping, you can communicate and connect with your leads.

What do you need in a fan page?

You need a “Welcome” tab like the one below to share what your fan page is about and what the fans can get out of it.

Since you are really serious in building your business, get a professional designer to design your fan page for you.

I got one who is really good in design to do it for me and if you need my help to connect you with her, do let me know.

The main focus of using a fan page is to engage your fans and talk to them. Find out about exact needs and be there to offer good solution.

It will take time for the fans to warm up and while waiting, just be sure you are offering great information.

One tip is to be in your fan’s shoes. If you are have a fan base of dentists, what info do they need. If they are lawyers, what do they need.

Most importantly, be yourself and deliver your own style. DO NOT run just another fan page for dentists or lawyers. You are unique! So be yourself while engaging the fans and do what you do best. =)

In the next post, I will talk about how you can start creating your personal platform and upsell your services. (Upselling and how to increase your profits are something which I always emphasize in my coaching and you always get to provide more value to your customers.)

If you have question, do post in the comment box below.


5 Responses to “[Offline Consulting] Part 3 – Connecting with Your Leads”

  1. Nancy Boyd says

    The secret to successfully marketing a product or service is to form meaningful relationships with people who are interested buyers. That is an art all by itself — but FB certainly makes it easier.

    I am looking to set up some fan pages for several products and would love to talk with your designer.

    Thanks for offering to help!


  2. John Yeo says

    Hi Nancy,

    Sure…I will email you =)


  3. martin kiss says

    Everything is OK when you know you’re a beginner but is more difficult . Many thanks for the material to me is a valuable guide .


  4. JoelinPDX says

    The problem with Facebook is that the users don’t come there to be marketed to. Nope, they go to Facebook to chat with people or possibly exchange pictures with people they barely knew in high school. In fact, if you market on Facebook it is likely that you’ll be ignored or worse, no one will come to your page.

    FB may have 750 million users but only three of them are looking to buy anything.

    Let’s make it clear…regardless of what method you use…securing your first online clients is going to be tough. There are no magic bullets and offline consulting is not the latest bright, shiny thing.

  5. John Yeo says

    Hi Joelin,

    Thanks for your comment. Most consumers do not like to be marketed to. Rather, they like to buy things.

    In my own experience, we have managed to successfully market to our customers in Facebook. Our method is to find out what they really want and we fill the gap. Yes, it is not easy but not impossible.


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