5 Ways to use Blog for Your Offline Consulting

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from anvrecife

Hi everyone,

Offline business consulting is getting more and more popular over the years and almost everyone you know now has a Facebook account.

What is the link between having a Facebook account and being able to do offline business consulting?

If you have a Facebook account and you are using it actively, it only means you are internet savvy. And anyone who is internet savvy can easily provide what he knows to the offline companies in the form of business proposal.

Sounds unfamiliar or even scary?

Not to worry. It is easy and I can show you how it can be simply done. All you need to know is how you can do it and you can possibly make few thousands of dollars within next week.

Here are some quotations for the services you can charge:

1. blog set up with 5 pages of content – US$697 and US$157 for every page of additional content
2. blog maintenance – US$500 each month
3. running contest on blog – US$3000 and up per campaign and depending on scale of campaign

First, let me explain why there is a growing trend in companies wanting their personal websites or blogs.

Most company owners have always heard about how hot Facebook is and how websites are able to give their business more exposure.

More exposure means more leads and possibly, more business and more PROFITS!

So how can you ride on this trend too and make money for yourself while giving value to offline companies. It does not matter if you are a one man show or you have a team. As long as you take action, you can easily make enough money within the first few months to quit your job.

Here are 5 ways to use a blog to benefit the offline companies.

1. Creating a company’s blog

If you know how to set up a blog, you can offer this in your business package. You need to know how to sign up for webhost. You need to get a reliable one like hostgator and install WordPress.

Not to worry if you do not know how. You can easily outsource to freelancers who you can hire from odesk.com or getafreelancer.com

2. Providing value to customers

Most companies which are doing well may not see the benefit of having a blog. Blog can be use as platform for many purpose.

One of them is to provide value to their current customers.

For example, a company selling baby slings can provide how-to-use videos on their blogs. My wife has bought baby sling from Babybeannie.com and found the videos on their site really helpful.

3. Using blogs for contest update

Customers get easily excited when they know they can get freebies or buy products at a lower price. Being a father, I am constantly on the lookout for free diapers or diapers offer.

So what can be done is help companies organise contest in their blogs and provide attractive prizes. And it is good to build brand loyalty too and increase the trust between them and their customers.

With higher trust rating, customers have higher tendency to buy more and more frequent.

4. Using blogs for list building

Beside providing educational content specifically on how to use their products, they can also provide content to meet other needs of their customers.

Being a new dad, I have MANY other needs too. I need to buy pram, baby cot, baby sterilizer and so on. I am sure the many experienced parents, like yourself may share similar experience, overwhelmed by the arrival of new born. So any blog which provide help or great quality content for new father will be really useful!

By providing GREAT content can also attract potential customers. And this will definitely increase their profit margin.

5. Educating customers about the benefits of your new products

Sometimes, companies offer new products and they are looking for avenue to let their customers know. One of the best places is their company’s blog. It can even be coupled with an opt in box to segment the list.

There are many more ways to use a blog and it is easy to set up one by yourself or paying someone else to do it.


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