Niche Blogs Tutorial 3 – On-Page and Off-Page SEO

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Welcome to Tutorial 3! We hope that by now, you have read and applied what you have learnt from Niche Blogs Tutorial 2. (If you have yet to, please go back to Tutorial 1 and start from there.)

For those of you who have started creating your blogs, it is time to look into the on-page and off-page seo strategies of your niche sites.

This phase is really important because the amount of traffic going to your site is dependant on how well your site is ranked for the keyword or keywords. More traffic means more visitors and it means more $$$.

In the SEO world, there are 1001 techniques to get your website ranked well in the search engine. Some work well for others but may not have worked well for us. There are other techniques which have worked well for us but are ineffective for others. We hope that by sharing what work well for us can give you some clues on how you can start.

While I was planning to write this post, I have initially wanted to explain what on-page and off-page SEO is. However, I realised my intention of creating this tutorial series is to share our exact strategies of building niche blogs and NOT teach what SEO is. So I have decided to just share other people’s webpages which explained what on-page and off-page SEO are.

So are you ready? Let’s go!

Here is our on-page and off-page SEO strategies. (Do note that you can use these for all your blogs.)

On-page SEO:

For blog home page:
1. Install All-in-one-SEO-Pack plugin
2. Fill in the Home Title, Home Description and Home keywords.

*Check out these resources on how to write proper Home Title and Home Description.
Meta Description (seomoz)
The Netsetter: SEO Writing Tip #2: Optimize Your Meta Description Tag


For blog posts:
1. Adding keyword once in the blog post title
2. Make sure your keyword is to appear once in the first sentence of the first paragraph and to appear once in the last sentence of the last paragraph
3. Bold the sub-headings
4. Add in the Tags
5. At the bottom of the post in “All in One SEO Pack” setting, add in the title, description and keywords.


Ping your site at Pingomatic.

To claim your RSS feed, you can go to


Plugins you should install
Google XML Sitemap and submit to Google Webmaster
404 Redirected


For off-page seo, the backlinking must be an automated system.
– we use Unique Article Wizard to submit spun articles to hundreds of article directories and blogs.


After the Penguin and Panda update, no one really knows what Google is up to next. There is no one strategy that will work forever. Our strategies may work today but not tomorrow. So, there is always a need to learn more and upgrade our knowledge about SEO.

The greatest fear we have is that all our sites, which are ranking on page 1 for certain keywords, are dropped to other pages. This will cause a drastic fall in traffic to our niche sites, and thus less income for us. Sometimes, it will get so drastic that it can kill the niche sites, giving them a fatal blow. But, this shouldn’t prevent you from trying out this proven business model.


At this point in time, we are fortunate our strategies are working well. However, we need to continue to read up more. There is no end to learning and fine-tuning of our strategies.


Here is the resource we used.

Unique Article Wizard

I have always been a BIG fan of some top SEO blogs.

If you want to learn more about SEO, here is a list of resources I recommend:
On-Page Factors (seomoz)
The Pillars Of Strategic SEO & A Primer On Website Design (search engine land)
What’s Better – On-page SEO or Link-building? (seomoz)


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