Google and Her Wonder Wheel!

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wonder wheel
from linus

One of the best ways to sell an e-book or a software is to appear as a real Guru of the niche you are working on, just because Niche Experts are always followed by tons of people searching for the product able to change their world, their life but also their wallet.

But if you have not found any niche yet, you need almost an idea to start.

A newest method to research a new niche with all the related sub-niches is given by Google and his “Wonder Wheel”.
The use of this never seen website is really easy, as you can view on the following steps :

1) Start making a simple research in, for example “Fitness”.

2) Now try to click on “Show options…” just under your search box.

3) On the left of the page you will see a new menu, containing on lower part a “Wonder Wheel” link.

4) Click it and the new niche research heaven will open behind you.

Now you have at your disposal some special research terms related to Fitness.
Every arrow is pointing to a new voice related to the key topic.

For example :

Fitness –> Fitness Equipment –> Fitness for Women –> Men Fitness –> Fitness Programs –> Fitness Tips

These are all the sub-niches of the Fitness one.
But if you click on “Fitness Equipment” you will obtain a new level of niches :

Fitness Equipment = AB Fitness Equipment, Abdominal Fitness Equipment, Wholesale Fitness Equipment and so on.

You can continue for more than a level or two if you are lucky !

That Wonder Wheel is optimal to find all the sub-niches you require to create new reports, e-books, websites and content sites.
If instead you are able to write articles, this technique is excellent because you can get even more visitors only selecting one of the sub-niches and write something about it.

If you try to select anyone of the available sub-niches you can receive the complete list of more relevant websites researched by Google, ideal to find more ideas to write about your new topic.

Finally I can say that the Wonder Wheel is really a great Google invention, also because it’s able to stay updated daily with all the latest trends you are searching for, and I personally think it will become a never-ending source of ideas for article marketers and writers.

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4 Responses to “Google and Her Wonder Wheel!”

  1. Simon says

    Wow man. This real cool feature on Google Search. Never realize there are such powerful feature hidden all this while. I am totally agreed, this is indeed never-ending source of ideas for article marketers and writers. Thanks for the great info. oh yea! i think this is a lot better then what i am using all this while which is


  2. Asri Shaari says

    Good tips. Thanks for the value info.

  3. Alessandro Zamboni says

    Thanks John for publishing my Article !
    This is really a valuable gift for me… my Wonder Wheel writings posted on your blog ! WoW !

    I’m happy also to see that Simon and Asri really appreciated my contents. Thanks!

    I hope to collaborate again in the future for new posts.
    Thanks again and goodbye.


  4. John Yeo says

    @Alessandro, thanks for your contribution…Thank U! =)

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