Creating Value In Non-IM Niches

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There are many niches around us. As long as you are using it, it is a niche.

If you drive, car is a niche.

If you prefer a particular cuisine, that is a niche.

If you have an iphone and change the cover every week, iphone covers is a niche.

So how do you look out for niches?

Being a young parent myself, I have been spending few hundred of dollars consistently every month. If you are a parent with children, I am sure you know what I meant.

We can save money by not buying our favorite shirt or dress for ladies. We can save money by not eating at our favorite restaurant at this weekend. We can save money by taking bus rather than taxi.

But when we have run out of diapers or milk powder, we have to get them Fast and Right Now!

And there goes money out of our pocket – whether we like it or not.

The important key to note when one is entering a New Niche is to understand the market.

The best way is to be the Market. You are the market.

If you are part of the market, you know what problems you are facing and what solutions work best.

If you are part of the market, you know what is lacking.

If you are part of the market, you know what to offer.

For example, I know young parents with young kids are always looking for vouchers to buy baby necessities.

And that is why I have a $200 voucher giveaway.

The $200 voucher may not be alot but in local context, it may be 10% of a white collar worker’s salary.

Or it can be seen as year end bonus for the family to buy clothing and toys for their children.

So what is the learning point of this post?

If you are facing a particular problem, that can be a good niche. You are the best person to consult.

I stutter at times. Stuttering is a good niche and profitable one.

I am a parent. Parent is a multi-million dollar niche.

I like to play games. I own a PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 Kinect. Games is an evergreen niche.

So look around and search for your own niche.

If you have any question about searching for niches, please post in the comment box below.

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7 Responses to “Creating Value In Non-IM Niches”

  1. Ezio says

    Thanks for letting me awakened senses now overshadowed by many confused ideas.

  2. Alessandro Zamboni says

    Hi John, it’s a long time that I didn’t post on your blog, but your question makes me think.

    Actually I think that Vegan Cooking is my best non IM niche, because I’m getting experience in doing a vegan diet.
    I think it is also a wonderful niche to digg into, with cookbooks, recipes, ideas and experiences to share.

    But I’m curious to hear other people’s niches 🙂
    Thanks and see you soon,
    Alessandro Zamboni

  3. John Yeo says

    Recipes and cooking niches are evergreen niches. We all love to eat and there is lots of money to be spent and to be made.


  4. erwin says

    hiii jhon yeo, several ago i ever bought your e-book. i am from indonesia. thks for many email for me. my question, if we have decided the idea and topic, how we can reaearch keyowrd ? how to get the bet keyword for our topic? what are parameters, for sign of the best keyword ?

  5. John Yeo says

    Hi Erwin, for keywords, I have done many posts about it….do refer to them at

  6. ravi rawat says

    I have a corn under my right foot since many years and I only know how I feel daily suffering the pain but I do my home remedy/treatment to reduce the pain to maximum extent. I did a surgery but it again appeared. I regularly apply corn caps to minimize the pain. I am investing the lot in corn caps. I can not walk properly because of the corn under my foot. So going thru you article I think it is non IM niche for me to write my experiences, how I suffer day to day and home remedies for the same. You just have awakened my third eye to this non IM niche further and write about the same in my niche blogging.

  7. John Yeo says

    Hi Ravi,

    You are welcome!

    Thanks for sharing about your condition too. =)

    I wish you all the best in your effort in exploring IM niche deeper!


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